What are the Reasons Behind Delay in Marriage? Which Planets are Responsible, and Prevention of Boys and Girls Both

In India’s traditions, eternal thinking and beliefs, marriage is considered more a sacred ceremony than a celebration. Grahasti is said to be the most responsible and most important, because the foundation of all the rest of the happiness starts from here.

But if there is Delay in Marriage of any person. The reasons behind this problem are fairly mentioned in Astrology. So, Today we tell you What are the reasons behind Delaying in Marriage, which planets are responsible, and Prevention of this for Boys and Girls both, whose marriage is delaying.

Marriage Delaying Reasons:

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According to the belief of astrology, if there is Rahu in the 12th house of Venus, then there are many obstacles in the marriage. This causes unnecessary delay in marriage. … But those interruptions end after one age and marriage will done in the life of the native.

What age does marriage take place?

Interruptions end in the marriage of the native and usually in the 33rd year. Also another yoga interrupts the marriage. If the seventh house is in sin katratari (yoga formed from the three planets) or the retrograde planet in the seventh house, then lunar-Venus combination also delays the marriage.

This planet also becomes an obstacle in marriage:

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Mars can also be responsible behind delay in Marriage. If the marriage is delayed due to these reasons or the reason of delay is not understood by the person, then he should be prevented by a special method. It is strongly believed that this helps to remove the obstacles in marriage.

Prevention Method for Boy:

In this situation, special method requires worship. If the person is a boy, he should duly recite the “Argala” on Durga Saptashati. He should give yellow packaged goods as gifts at weddings.

This brings happiness and peace to married couples. Apart from this, problems coming in one’s own marriage are also resolved.

Prevention method for Girl:

If the person is a girl and there is a lot of delay in her marriage, then she should also worship with a special method. Such a girl should fast on Monday or Thursday. Also, after assessing the position and condition of the planets, donate the items mentioned for the respective planets.

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What should donate?

In such a situation, the girl should donate yellow clothes, sandalwood and sweets. Some scholars consider the worship of Mata Bhagwati particularly beneficial for girls.

Chanting of Gayatri Mantra is also very useful. It removes many obstacles of life. True worship of the mother gives fruit.

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