Vastu Tips: 5 Vastu tips for maintaining positive energy at home

How the positive energy will increase in the house, know 5 tips of Vastu in this regard. By removing negative energy from the house and increasi...

By removing negative energy from the house and increasing positive energy, all the members of the house remain healthy, happy and calm. How the positive energy will increase in the house, know 5 tips of Vastu in this regard.

Camphor: The tradition of burning Camphor has been going on since ancient times. According to the scriptures, burning camphor in front of the Gods and Goddesses attains renewable virtue. In the house where camphor is lit regularly, there is no effect of Devdosh, Pitridosh or any type of planetary defects. Vastu dosha of the house is also kept quiet due to burning camphor. Scientific researches have also shown that its fragrance destroys bacteria, viruses and other disease-causing organisms, which purifies the environment and there is no fear of disease.

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Jaggery and Ghee: Mix jaggery in Ghee and heat it in a conde in the house. This will make the atmosphere fragrant and oxygen level will also increase. If you want, you can add a little Googal or Havan Samidha to it. First light a kanda. Then for some time when its coals remain, then take equal quantity of jaggery and ghee and keep it on the ember. The fragrant environment that will be created by this will soothe the tension of your mind.

Shodshang Dhoop: According to Tantrasara, if agar, tagar, leprosy, shailaj, sugars, nagaramatha, sandalwood, cardamom, taj, nakhankhi, musheer, jatamansi, karpoor, tali, sadlan and guggul these are considered to be sixteen types of Dhoops. It is called hexagon incense. Their fumigation does not cause accidental disease, bereavement and accident.

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Color of the walls: The color of the walls also has an effect on your life. Light blue, white, orange, yellow, light gray, cream, pinkish, pink colors create positive energy in your house. Creating rangoli or mandana in the middle of the house also creates positive energy.

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Remove Negative items: In the house, items like atala, plastic, harmful objects, torn-old clothes, excessive iron, German, aluminum, etc., create negative energy. Take them out of your house.