Vastu Tips for Bedroom: If you are going to get married, then follow these Vastu tips in the bedroom for a happy married life

Although love is enough for the success of this relationship, but still some Vastu tips can be tried to keep married life successful and happy.

Many have been married this wedding season, and many will soon be tied in the sacred bond of marriage. Marriage is such a bond between two different human beings, whose happiness also makes other relations happy. Though love is enough for the success of this relationship, still some Vastu Tips for Bedroom can be tried to keep married life successful and happy.

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Bedroom direction in House

First of all, it is important to know that the bedroom for the newlyweds in the house should always be in the west, south, or southwest direction. These directions increase love further. Apart from this, the beds in the room should be towards the south-west or north-west wall. Place the bed in the room in such a way that (Sirahana) is towards the south. With this, positive energy remains in the body.

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Place the wooden bed in Bedroom

You know where to place the bed, but it is also important to know how the bed should be. It is considered auspicious to have a wooden bed in the room of married couples. Instead of beds made of metal or something. That is why choose only wooden beds.

Take care of the lights in the room as well

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Take special care that there is no light on the bed. Not only this, but the windows in the room should also be in such a direction or in such a place that direct light does not come on the bed. It is considered inauspicious in Vastu Shastra. Even if there is such a window, it should be covered with curtains.

Color for such a selected bedroom

It is also important to choose colors according to Vastu. Choose light blue, pink and orange colors instead of dark, dark, vibrant colors. It is considered very auspicious in Vastu Shastra.

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Mirror in the bedroom

Mirror should not be installed in bedroom. Because it impacts negatively. But for any reason, if you have to put a mirror in the room, then place it in place so that the bed does not appear in it at all. Because there is a big architectural flaw.