Sun And Saturn Conjunction: Opposition And Struggle for A Common Result

Sun And Saturn

When two planets are in the same sign, they create Yuti Yoga, which has a profound effect on the horoscope. This conjunction often has a sudden and erratic effect on destiny, causing changes in your horoscope most unusually. In this yoga, the combination of the Sun and Saturn has a profound impact on career, wealth, prosperity, social status, relationships, and personal life. How you manage these circumstances determines your chance to be successful in life. This rare combination of planets also augments the capabilities and paves a new path to success.

Position Of Sun In Astrology?

Sun is the life giver of Earth, Every living form, be it animal or plant, depends upon the Sun for its existence. Sun, the heat and light of which give us life. The energy of the Sun begets life on earth. It is a symbol of positivity and success. According to astrology, the planet directly affects the human body. In Vedic astrology, the world Sun represents the soul. The energy of the Sun defines a person’s life. Sun is a symbol of courage, confidence, and positivity. It is the largest celestial body in our solar system and holds special significance in Vedic astrology. The Sun is never retrograde because everything around the Sun revolves around it. In an astrological sense, the Sun takes twelve months to complete its journey, and each astrological sign occupies about a month. In astrology, the Sun has been considered one of the planets. It shows the soul and paternal character of the person. The distance between the Sun and other planets determines the strength of the planets and their effect on individuals. According to the horoscope, Sun also controls the ancestors. This is why if Sun has a conjunction with more than one inauspicious planet like Sun and Saturn, then Pitra Dosh is created in the horoscope.

Position Of Shani In Astrology?

According to Hindu astrology, Shani is named according to his nature. Shani means one who moves slowly. It takes about two and a half years to cross a sign. Saturn is a giant planet that is very far from the earth. Due to its colossal stature, it moves slowly. He is the son of Surya Dev and his wife, Chaya. Shani has a strained relationship with his father, Surya. It is also a cold and dry planet. It is the planet of old age and is considered a malefic planet in astrology.

If Shani is situated in an auspicious house, it bestows all things and prosperity to the native. In adverse circumstances, he causes pain, sorrow, and suffering. Saturn gets strength in the seventh house. Shani is a teacher and a very strict planet. It will teach such lessons that have a profound impact on life. Shani’s blessings are received only through hard work and dedication.

Shani tests the strength, perseverance, and reliability of a person. Apart from education, he is the god of justice and punishes those who go against the path of purity and do evil. Saturn affects the bones. Due to the inauspicious effects of the Sun and Saturn conjunction, a person may suffer from bone disease. Number 8 is related to Saturn. Shani and Karma go hand in hand, and a person has a difficult time with Shani Dev during his lifetime with a phase called Shani ki Sade Sati.

When Sun And Saturn Are Together In A Horoscope

According to mythology, Sun and Shani are related in the form of father and son. Both also appear to be in constant conflict due to their relationship. If Shani is within 9 degrees of the Sun, then Shani shows less effect due to the setting. If these two are separated from each other by a difference of about 14 degrees, they hardly exert any influence on each other. Let us know how the results of the Sun-Saturn conjunction in astrology affect us.

When there is a Sun and Saturn conjunction, the person rarely enjoys good cordial relations with his father or seniors. There can be an attachment in the relationship, but arguments are more visible. When they talk with each other, contradictions will soon start appearing in that matter. Controversy is seen more, which bothers both. Differences may arise due to Sun and Saturn conjunction. There is love for the father, but it isn’t easy to express it openly. The reason for the conflict between the two can be any incident.

If father and son live under the same roof, then both suffer. Progress in the life of both can be obstructed. Growth stops, and careers will be disrupted. Success comes to them late in life through hard work. There is trouble with servants and government employees. The work related to the government is never completed in one go; this combination also raises questions about the person’s ability and weakens his confidence.

Positive Effects Of Sun And Saturn Conjunction

Under the influence of the Sun and Saturn conjunction in the astrological houses, the person has firm views about right and wrong. Can work for government agencies and organizations. In terms of career, one can be successful, especially in the law field or government service. Sun and Saturn conjunction can lead to the person performing well as CEO of the company. He will look more mature than his age. Take ownership of your actions without compulsion in his attitude towards superiors at work. He is very disciplined and dedicated to his work.

Negative Effects Of Sun And Saturn Conjunction

The person can be burdened with responsibilities. If there is a conjunction of the Sun and Saturn in the fourth house, you will be bound by the duties of your family. If the Sun is debilitated, Saturn is in Libra; the ego can remain high. A person will have to undergo tests from time to time regarding trust and faith. But it also gives strength. Father’s health may be affected, and lack of happiness or distance may have to be faced. There may be more obstacles in your progress. Money-related problems may have to be met. Parental support is not available in financial matters.

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