South Facing House Vastu Plan: The Life-Changing Benefits of a South Facing Residence

South Facing House Vastu Plan: Gone are the days when people used to build houses from scratch, now most people buy houses in which the basic structure is already designed. A very common question regarding Vastu for home is the direction of the entrance door. This is because people stay away from houses with south entrances considering them to be inauspicious.

However, this is not the case. South-facing houses can be auspicious if Vastu principles are applied properly. In this article, the details of the South Facing House Vastu Plan have been given.

South Facing House Vastu Plan – Vastu Tips For Home

South Facing House Vastu Plan

Here are some quick Vastu tips for a south-facing house. Look at these Vastu tips for a home that you can incorporate into your south-facing home.

  • When building or buying a house, especially a south-facing house, remember to compare the size of the wall and ensure that the walls on the west and south sides are higher and stronger than the other sides of the house.
  • Another important Vastu tip for home is the shape of the house. The form of the house plays a vital role in Vastu. Thus, a south-facing place should be constrained to a square or rectangular shape.
  • Car parking, water pumps, and gardens should be avoided in the southwest direction.
  • Try planting large flowering plants or trees in the northeast corner of the house; This will protect the home from attracting any negative energy.

South Facing House Vastu Plan for Main Entrance

Vastu Planning For the southern entrance, it is advisable to install the door either in the center or slightly to the left. Doing so will balance the energy in your home and ensure a happy and healthy life for all the members living inside.

Vastu PlanningAdditional Gate To The North

If you have an entrance on the South wall of the house, it is recommended to make another entrance on the north side. It is one of the best Vastu home remedies is to remove Dakshina Pravesh Dosha.

South Facing House Vastu Plan – Placement Of Underground Water Storage

  • For south facing house it is best practice to avoid placing any tank or borewell in front of the house.
  • You should take the help of a Vastu Shastra expert to determine the best location for your water, storage, and septic tanks.
  • Do not keep the water tank in front of your house

Vastu PlanningWall Thickness

  • A useful Vastu for the end of the house is that the walls in the south and west should be thicker than the walls in the east or north. Ensuring this will remove the dosha from your house.
  • Build thick walls in two directions

South Facing House Vastu Plan – Kitchen Space

  • It is good to have a kitchen in the east or west direction in a south-facing house.
  • While cooking, keep in mind that your face should be towards the east. Doing this will improve the health of the whole family.


Build your kitchen in the South East or North West area of your home

South Facing House Vastu Plan Entrance Gate Colour

  • It is believed that an entrance in the South East direction can cause health issues in the women of the family.
  • An easy solution is to paint the main door red or brown.
  • This South East entrance door Vastu tip should be followed to remove Vastu defects.
  • Paint-the-main-door door red or brown

Bedroom Direction

  • If the main door of your house is from the south direction, then make sure to build your bedroom in the east and west directions. This will help balance Vastu and ensure a smooth flow of cosmic energy.
  • Make your bedroom in the east or west sector of your home

Disease Prevention Yantra

When the house has a southeast entrance, it can create health issues for the women in the house. To avoid this from happening, you should put a disease-prevention device on the wall just in front of the main door. This important Vastu for the tip of the house can remove defects and ensure that the women of the family stay safe.

Place a disease prevention device near the entrance.

South Facing House Vastu Plan for Garden Space

Vastu Shastra allows a garden only on the south or southeast side for south-facing houses. All other areas of the house should be avoided.

  • Entry in the South East direction can create an atmosphere of tension, anger, and tension in the family.
  • A South East entrance Vastu tip is to place two stickers of Gayatri Mantra on each side of the door.
  • Doing so can ease the family environment and create harmony among the members.

Use Gayatri Mantra Use Gayatri Mantra Stickers At The Entrance

By following the above-mentioned Vastu for Home Tips, your home can bring in lots of prosperity and growth. Do not let the myths about houses with south entrances affect you, make some changes and feel the positivity around you.