Lord Shiva In Dream Meaning

Often, we dream at night while sleeping. Most of us see in dreams what is happening in our lives or what we were thinking. Similarly, if you are visiting a temple or a deity in your dream, then there is some optimistic or positive reason in between. Swapna Shastra is the science that analyses such dreams and co-relates them with our life.

If you see a deity in your dream, then it also has different meanings. Sawan or the rainy season is the favorite month of Lord Shiva. If you see Lord Shiva or things related to him in your dreams during the month of Sawan, then it has deep meaning. Lord Shiva appears in the dream and indicates the removal of all troubles. Let us know what it means to see Lord Shiva or things related to him in a dream.

Seeing Lord Shiva In Dream

If you have seen Lord Shiva in dream then the troubles of your life are going to go away very soon. Also, if you see a Shivling in your dream, then this dream is also considered very auspicious. This dream is considered a sign of progress, growth, and attainment of fame.

Seeing Shivling of Lord Shiva In Dream

If in a dream Shiva can be seen very clearly in meditation, it means that the almighty has taken you under its wrap. To dream of a Shivling means victory, destruction of troubles and problems, and gain in wealth and money. The dream of a Shiva lingam is a sign of fulfillment – or of coming to fullness in one’s own experience. It represents not only the life force within us as it makes up our body and person, but also the feminine force of creation at its base.

Seeing Shiv Parvati Together In Dream

If you see Shiva and Parvati together it means new prospects are at your doorstep. Soon you will hear news of income, travel, getting food and grains, wealth, and abundance. It is a good omen to see Shiva and Parvati together.

Seeing Shiva Dancing In Dream

Shiva Tandav is considered a symbol of aggression and passion. But if you see Shiva dancing in your dream, it means that your problem will be resolved soon. It also signifies that you will attain wealth after some struggle. The fruits of your labor are going to be fulfilled in the near future.

Temple of Lord Shiva In Dream

If you dream about a Shiva temple, it signifies that you will be blessed with two sons. Temple in a dream can also mean recovering from an illness. If a person suffering from migraine headaches sees Siv Temples in the dream, he will find a cure for his ailment. One’s temple in a dream can also be interpreted as wealth.

Dreaming About Shiva’s Trishul

Shiva’s trident shows that Shiva is above all 3 states-waking, dreaming, and sleeping, yet he maintains all 3 states. If you dream about a trident, it has some connection to the past, present, and future or the suffering of birth, life, and death. Trishul relieves you from all problems and sufferings and this is a good omen.

Dreaming About The Moon Of Shiva

The crescent moon on Shiva is the symbol of knowledge. If you dream of the moon, it means that you must make some important decisions in life. This dream can be related to your education field.

Third Eye Of Lord Shiva

The third eye is associated with alertness and awareness. To dream about it means a sign of some important changes in life. To dream about Shiva’s Damru- Damru is a symbol of the universe which is always expanding and collapsing. Darmaru is also a symbol of sound. To dream about it means a positive flow of energy in your personal and professional life.