Maraka Planets In Kundli: How It Affects Us?

Maraka Planets are like a two-edged sword that can inflict injury or protect you. In Vedic Astrology, Maraka planets are significant because the outcome or their effects could vary from one horoscope to another.

The effects of Maraka can be fatal, or the person can endure extreme pain and torture. However, this can happen in certain states – Mahadasha, Antardasha, or Pratyantardasha of these planets is triggered. However, it is essential to note that the outcome is not always hostile or brings painful results since death is a one-time experience.

If the Maraka planets make rendezvous more than once, the outcome will not always be negative and positive results are also shown. Therefore, the effects of the Marak in each Rashi or Zodiac sign from Aries to Pisces differ. Thus, for the Navagrahas, the ascendant of every Zodiac Sign, other planets play both roles of Marak and Karaka.

In a nutshell, Maraka planets are responsible for several problems and adversities that one encounters during a person’s life. This writeup will illuminate what a Marak Planet is and how it affects our lives. We will also study the remedies to minimize the ill effects of Marak.

Three entities rule every person. The Planets play the role of Karaka or Patron and provide favorable results in life. Some planets act as a buffer or neutral position and are active only in certain circumstances. Then there are planets like Maraka, which have a disruptive role in our life. When the events or Dashas of these Marak Planets become suitable, we get bad results. How bad these results manifest is dependent on the situation.

Let us throw light upon which planets are considered Marak for different ascendants:

Aries Controlling Maraka Planets

The ruling planet of Aries is Mangal or Mars, and the dominant power in the second and seventh houses is Venus. Therefore, Venus is a formidable Marak planet for Aries due to its presence in two places. Mercury is also bringing ill omens due to its fact in the third and the sixth house.

Taurus Controlling Maraka Planets

Venus is the ruling planet of people born in the Taurus zodiac. Mercury does not act as a Marak because of its presence in the second and the fifth house. However, the Marak is Mars which rules the second and the twelfth house, along with Dev Guru Jupiter, which casts its dark shadow by its presence in the eighth and the eleventh house in Taurus.

Gemini Controlling Marak Planet

Mercury dominates the Zodiac Sign Gemini, and by being dominant in the second house, Moon dons the role of the Marak, also aggravated by its unbalanced and hostile relationship with the planet Mercury. Dev Guru Jupiter is the dominant planet of the seventh and the tenth house and therefore does not play the role of a Marak. Mars takes over its position through its presence in the sixth and eleventh houses.

Cancer Controlling Marak Planet

Moon dominates the Zodiac Cancer, and the lord of the second house happens to be the Sun which is also very accommodating for the Moon and therefore does not act as a Maraka planet. This role is taken by Saturn by its virtue of dominance in the seventh and eighth house, becoming a strong Marak planet along with Mercury which dominates the third and twelfth house.

Leo Controlling Marak Planet

Leo’s paramount lord is the Sun, and the planet Mercury dominates the second house, the Virgo zodiac sign. However, Mercury is inert towards Sun and therefore does not become a Maraka. The role is donned by Shani, the dominant force in the seventh and the sixth house; Shani becomes a strong Marak.

Virgo Controlling Maraka Planet

The paramount lord of Virgo is Mercury, and Libra dominates the second house, Venus. However, Venus is inert towards Mercury and is the dominating planet in the ninth house; therefore does not become a Maraka. Similarly, Dev Guru Brihaspati, or Jupiter, is dominant in the seventh house. Still, at the same time, being the lord of the fourth house, it cannot become a strong Marak. The role is donned by Mars, the dominant force in the third and the eighth house; Mars becomes a strong Marak.

Libra Controlling Maraka Planet

Venus dominates the Libra zodiac, and the Maraka here is Mars because of its position in the second and seventh houses. The situation is further aggravated by Jupiter, dominant in the third and sixth houses in Libra.

Scorpio Controlling Maraka Planet

The dominating planet for Scorpio is Mars, while Jupiter occupies the second house but is the friend of Mars. Therefore, the Maraka is Venus by its dominance in the seventh and the twelfth house. The bad omens are further aggravated by Mercury which occupies the eighth and eleventh houses.

Sagittarius Controlling Maraka Planet

Jupiter dominates the Sagittarius zodiac and Shani because of its position in the second and third house; it becomes a Marak planet. Mercury is dominant in the tenth and the seventh house and cannot be labeled a Marak planet. However, it could cause a nuisance. By being in the sixth and eleventh house, Venus can act as a Maraka.

Capricorn Controlling Maraka Planet

The dominant planet is Saturn, the lord of the second house. Moon is present in the seventh house, and Mars is the Maraka due to its presence in the eleventh house. The situation is further aggravated by and due to enmity with the ascendant ruler Saturn. The position of the Moon can also cause pain along with Jupiter, which produces ill omens by its place in the third and twelfth house.

Aquarius Controlling Marak Planet

The dominant planet in this zodiac sign is Saturn or Shani Dev. The second house is dominated by Jupiter-ruled Pisces zodiac sign. This makes Jupiter the Marak planet. Sun, by its dominance in the seventh house, and Mars, being present in the third house and due to hostility with the ascendant ruler, act as a Marak.

Pisces Controlling Maraka Planet

The zodiac sign is dominated by Jupiter Mars which is positive towards Pisces and Scorpio being in the ninth house is positively positioned and does not become a Marak. The role is donned by Venus by being in the third and the eighth house becomes a powerful Marak planet. Saturn being the lord of the twelfth and eleventh houses is also troublesome.

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