Goddess Kali In Dream Meaning – Read to Know What This Means

Goddess Kali is often representative of extreme emotions and often compared to death and destruction. However Devi Kali is also representative of Mother and is always referred as ma in whose bosom whole mankind finds life and subsistence. If you see Goddess Kali in dream in any of her form , do not get perturbed and rest assured it bodes well and is a sign of something beneficial is going to happen in the person’s life.

Goddess kali in dream is the feminine representation of everything and the protector of mankind against evil forces. Therefore it must be remembered that she will protect the person in every dire situation. Today with the advent of western consumerism, women have been looked upon as a commodity and there is a continuous erosion of the respect women enjoy in Indian culture. Cheap and extreme consumerism which has been imported from the West has led us to this situation. However it is the female as a mother of the family who will fight every adversity and try to save the honor of the family. 

Goddess Kali In Dream Meaning

Goddess Kali in Dream meaning

Goddess Kali is an example of what an Indian woman represents in Vedic Culture and what she can accomplish. It is said that evil and goodness are synonymous with one another and often evil is created by goodness. The Asuras were created by mistake and when he became indestructible all the good forces joined their powers together and created Goddess Kali who vanquished the evil asuras.

Goddess Kali is one of the manifestations of Goddess Parwati who changed her form from the gentle and loving Mother to the fierce Goddess Kali. Kali also represents a form of liberal feminist ideology to take on the male ego which often borders the boundaries of evil. It is also a wakeup call for those feminists who consider Indian culture as to male oriented. It is possible to talk about rights without changing the nature and psyche of women.

Goddess Kali is also a representative of motherhood and subsistence. She is fierce and fights till the evil forces are vanquished. As soon as the task is accomplished she returns to her original form as a mother. 

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Goddess Kali is the Aradhya Dev of many Kings and kingdoms. Therefore it is a very good omen to see Goddess Kali smiling or in anger because she is the almighty who will fight against evil without any favors in return. Goddess Kali is the purest representation of feminine beauty and strength. It is common among Hindus to pay obeisance by Chanting Jai Bhavani , Jai Kali before embarking on any major expedition. 

Dreaming Goddess can be interpreted in different ways as per Swapna Shastra. Seeing the Goddess in its smiling form giving blessings means that life is going to take a turn for good and all the troubles are going to be solved. Seeing Goddess offering cooked rice and applying a tilak on the forehead means that the person is not going to face any more difficulties in life. The person’s coffers will always be overflowing with food and wealth. 

If you see Goddess Kali fighting your enemies, it is the sign that someone is plotting against the person and it is a warning. The person should become cautious and extra careful to tide over turbulent times. Chanting Durga stuti will also help the person to face such difficult periods and come out successfully. 

If the person views receiving a garland of lotus or Jasmine flowers from Ma Kali in dream , it means that he or she has reached the pinnacle of his or her spiritual journey . If the viewer is a women it also means that her internal and spiritual strength will considerably increase and she is ready to face even the most powerful adversary with ease.

The person will soon be gifted with unbelievable spiritual prowess . It also means that Good luck, happiness, male-female energy balance, fame, prosperity, and even conception is a distinct possibility. It also indicates that the person will be endowed with wealth and never face poverty. 

Often how we react to Maa Kali in dream in which we visualize her depends a lot on how we treat our women folk. If you do not have respect for woman and considered them as mere vessels of bearing children and furthering your lineage, such dreams must be considered as a warning and a last chance for the person to mend his ways.  

Seeing Maa Kali in dream early in the morning is a good omen and points to the fact that all your dreams will be realized. Again it is also a warning to keep away from vices such as alcohol, debauchery and other acts which can only lead to destruction.

 Seeing Maa Kali in dream bleeding from your tongue portends danger to your life from accidents, natural calamities, attacks by animals or reptiles as well as from enemies.

According to ancient Indian traditions the emergence of Goddess Kali dream meaning is associated with the rebirth of man, secret aspirations and mercy of God! According to ancient books and findings made by scholars of earlier times, the primary causes of dreams (Kali Mata dreams) are based on human ambitions and secret desires as well as current events