Rohit Sharma Horoscope Analysis

Rohit Sharma Horoscope Analysis – Cricket is a religion in India and a cricket match is considered a celebration of life. The players are revered as God. Who does not remember Sachin the master blaster? Or Virat Kohli and the greatest M.S. Dhoni who is credited with bringing the World Cup to India after more than two decades. Today we are going to study in detail the horoscope of Rohit Sharma. Rohit Sharma has a number of feats to his name and is often considered the rightful heir to take the mantle of captainship after M.S.Dhoni

Today the Indian Cricket Team is considered one of the top teams in the world and Rohit Sharma and his captainship could be attributed to this laurel. Rohit Sharma has etched a name in the cricketing history of India with his aggressive batting style. His batting style has even enamored his opponents and won the hearts of cricketing fans all over the world. He has already cracked 5 centuries in different iterations of the World Cup.

Rohit Sharma Horoscope: Birth Details

Rohit Sharma was born on April 30, 1987, and his love for cricket was revealed when he was only six. However, he was groomed as an off-spin bowler in the beginning. He was from a middle-class family and often sent to live with his Grandparents or Uncle’s place due to financial difficulties. Soon his family shifted to Dombivli.

Financial constraints also affected his studies though his family ensured that his cricket training was not affected. Rohit credits this to his family members, relatives, and all those who were all members of his school, college, District, and even State cricket teams. 

However, Rohit’s road to glory has not been smooth and he has faced umpteenth difficulties and struggles. Here are some of the salient features of Rohit Sharma’s Birth Chart and Horoscope. 

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Rohit Sharma Horoscope Analysis: In-Detail

Rohit Sharma Horoscope Analysis

As mentioned earlier, Rohit Sharma was born on April 30, 1987 at noon in Nagpur, Maharashtra. Poring over his birth chart reveals many exciting things. The position of the Sun dominates over the Moon and Mars. While Mars is situated in the second house Ketu sits in the sixth house. Further Saturn sits in the eighth house while Guru, Venus, and Rahu are situated in Pisces in the twelfth house. The position of the elevated Sun as the ascendant of the Moon is what makes Rohit a fearless and daring player.

The presence of Sun in an impeccable position in Rohit Sharma’s birth chart can be ascribed to the reason of success and fame which the prolific run-scorer batsman is enjoying in present times. Like the blazing Sun in his birth chart, it is almost impossible for any bowler to keep him under a leash. It is due to the immense power of the mother star of our solar system which provokes Rohit Sharma the aggressive batsman he is and when he is around it is raining sixes. 

The Tango between the Sun and the Moon is something that gives mental toughness to Rohit Sharma. The most important factor is Mars whose fourth aspect is influencing the fifth house. The fifth house is very influential and related to sports and entertainment. The unique position bestows energy, enthusiasm, and stamina factors which are very crucial for a sportsman. It enables Rohit to play effortlessly, without feeling any pressure from the game.

Another fact that makes Rohit’s birth chart special is the position of Saturn in the eleventh aspect of the seventh house. This augments the beneficial effects of Mars and the energy of the fifth house. The presence of Saturn or Shani in the seventh house also makes Rohit very hard-working and easily learns from past mistakes. 

Delving more into Rohit Sharma Horoscope, it is revealed that Moon is situated in Krutikka Nakshatra which again gives extra fillip and power to the positive effects of the Sun. All the attributes of a person with the Krutikka Nakshatra’s position are evident in Rohit Sharma. Even though his height is a bit short, his personality towers over his body structure. It also makes him extraordinarily intelligent, optimistic, hardworking, and relentless. He is also a true person and never wavers from the right path. He must only try to control his arrogance which even though minuscule can cause immense harm in the long run and also affect his relationship with his teammates. 

Persons born with a Birth Chart like that of Rohit Sharma do not change according to their circumstances but lead their life and affairs honestly. The combination of Sun-Mercury is giving them the quality of playing intelligently and thoughtfully. Along with this, Venus is also exalted and Jupiter is in its own house. In this situation, Hansa Yoga and Malava Yoga are formed. The exalted Venus in the horoscope is giving Lakshmi Yoga to him along with Mars. The auspicious position of the Sun, Moon, and Mars in his horoscope is making him bold and full of self-confidence. Because of his self-confidence, Rohit has earned many accolades in the cricket world at a young age.

Due to the transit of Rahu in Cancer in his horoscope, he had to face mental struggle, impatience, and restlessness. In the above period, his career was badly affected. Now his planets are once again smiling and based on the astrological analysis of Rohit’s Moon chart, it can be said that his performance will be spectacular as well as full of achievements.