Lord Krishna In Dream Meaning: Here’s What It Means

Seeing Lord Krishna in dream is a very good omen and is a sign that all troubles in the person’s life are going to end soon. Dreams are often a precursor or sign about the good and bad things which are going to happen in future. The Lord by appearing in our dreams also warns us about impending threats and also guides us on how to carry out our chores in a more productive manner. Lord Krishna can appear in different forms and the interpretation of every form is different. Let us try to delve deeper into such dreams in which Lord Krishna makes an appearance. 

Significance Of Seeing Lord Krishna in Dream

It is very rare to see lord Krishna in dream. Shree Krishna himself is an embodiment of chivalry and good deeds. He himself had faced a lot of difficulties right from his birth. He was separated from his mother but had the good fortune of being brought up and cared for by Mata Yashoda. This by itself has a great significance. Though he was born to devaki but he was brought up by Ma Yahoda and the fame of Ma Yashoda is many times more than Devki. The concept of karma so well euglized in the Bhagwat Geeta makes lord Krishna a force apart, a force which won over the good and destroyed evil. Seeing Lord Krishna in dream signifies that one must do his duties or karm and results will automatically follow. The results –good or bad will depend upon the deeds or Karma.

It was the message of Lord Krishna that you cannot get anything in life without making efforts and the results will not be immediate. It may seem that evil is winning or your hard work is not getting immediate or desired results. However perseverance always pays, hard work is never in vain and good will always prevail over evil. One must never lose faith in Lord Krishna and he will ensure that your hard work finds fruit. 

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Lord Krishna In His Child Form

Lord Krishna In Dream Meaning

If a person sees Krishna in his child form he must consider himself very lucky and blessed. Seeing Krishna in his Child form means your prayers have been answered and all your dreams and aspirations are soon to come true and accomplished. Feel the presence of the lord almighty besides you and do your karma with the confidence that you are on the right path and Krishna is there to guide you. If you do not have a child in your family such dreams are also indicative that you are soon going to have a new addition in your family and his peals of laughter and childhood pranks will become a part of your dreary existence. He will soon enamor all the members in your family and give all a new reason to smile and live. You will also become an inalienable part among your nearest and dearest friends and relatives. 

Mata Yashoda With Lord Krishna In Dream

Mother is the living form of God and it is said that Lord Vishnu took birth in every era to relish the motherly love. It is said that God drank the Amrit and became immortal but humans obtained love of mata or Mother and hence became blessed. Seeing Lord Krishna with Mata Yashoda is another sign that the person is blessed to have his mother beside him and she is there to understand all his trials and problems. It is also a sign that the person’s problems are going to be solved. It is also a sign to seek the blessings of your mother especially before you plunge into a new venture. Rest assured that you will witness success and fame in the venture. 

Shri Krishna In His Vishwaroop Or Cosmic Form

Seeing Lord Krishna in his Vishwaroop or Cosmic form is much akin to seeing Lord Vishnu and is a very rare dream which can happen once in a lifetime. The dream also is a sign of Raja Yoga or the beginning of good times. It is also a sign that the person is finally going to be freed from the never ending life cycle of birth or death or Moksha.

The dream signifies that the person is going to gain fame and wealth and in the end will become a part of the almighty.

Lord Krishna With His Friends

Seeing Lord Krishna with his friends is a very good omen since it is a known fact how Lord Krishna loved his friends. The story of Sudama and Lord Krishna is one such instance embodifying friendship which transcends wealth and social status. Seeing Lord Krishna in dream with friends is also a sign that he will always be there in the person’s life regardless of his social status. Just like taking care of his dear friend Sudama Lord Krishna will take care of all his disciples. One important thing is that the person should not forget to offer puffed rice to the Lord as soon as he dreams about him with his friends. Nothing will endear more to Lord Krishna more than puffed rice, something which Sudama offered to his friend.