Are You Having Dreams About Being Pregnant? Know Astrologer Has To Say About This

Dreams are a common occurrence and there is no one who does not dream while sleeping. Not having dreams is a serious disorder and underlines a serious condition often precipitated by stress, depression, or some other psychological condition. Our dreams have close connections with our destiny but often it could have no significance also.

Dreams often are related to some past incident and they could also provide a clue about the future. In a nutshell, our dreams often spell out our hidden desires which we have unconsciously embedded deep in our psyche. Our dreams depend a lot on our mental condition. The world of dreams and its interpretations in astrology is a completely different science. Yes, it is a science since it can be compared to different psychological interpretations which is conducted by Doctors by the way of hypnosis which takes the person back in history. Therefore our dreams are related in some way to the present situation and reality.

Today in this article, we will study the astrological interpretation of ‘Dreams about being Pregnant‘.

Pregnancy is a huge responsibility and in the competitive world of today, couples often delay starting a family due to career considerations. Often in the psyche, the woman starts dreaming about starting a family and enjoying the benefits of motherhood. If she sees such a dream it is a healthy and positive sign. It also means that nature is giving hints that the couple must now start a family and fulfill the evolutionary process.

Dreaming About Pregnancy Is Precipitated By Desire To Become A Mother

Dreams About Being Pregnant

As already mentioned we often dream about things which we think or desire. If a lady is repeatedly having dreams about getting pregnant, it means that the lady has a huge desire to become a mother. It also indicated that the time is right for starting a family and the couple should seriously start thinking about starting a family.

Dreams About Being Pregnant Could Also Mean Getting Huge Responsibility

Pregnancy dreams does not always means that you are about to become a mother. It could also mean that you are about to get an equally huge responsibility. It could be a big challenge in your career or a big task in your home like taking care of elders or some other responsibility. If you are into politics it could also mean that you are about to get a big responsibility which will have a big bearing in the fortune of the nation.

What If You See Pregnancy Dream If You Are Really Pregnant?

If you are indeed pregnant and repeatedly have dreams about being pregnant, rest tight and reassured, there is nothing wrong with such dreams and you are soon going to enjoy the joy of motherhood. Pregnant woman often think 24/7 about impending pregnancy and sometimes are apprehensive about the outcome. Therefore the lady must be reassured and kept hale and happy so that she will have a normal child birth and give birth to a healthy child.

Pregnancy Dream Could Also Mean You Are Pregnant

If a woman gets dreams about pregnancy repeatedly, it could mean that she is really pregnant and she is not aware of it. Pregnancy brings about many physical ad psychological changes in the body and fen hormonal changes lead to such dreams. If the lady is already a mother of a child and repeatedly has dreams about pregnancy, it means that the time is ripe for having another child.

Giving Birth to a Child in Dreams

If you see giving birth to a child in your dream, it is a favorable sign. It means that a new beginning is about to happen in your life and his future is going to be very promising. In some cases, it could also mean a sign about an upcoming event or change. If you dream of giving birth to twins, it could be interpreted in different ways. Those who have a desire for a job) can get a new job and unmarried girls will soon become married.

Dreams About Being Pregnant When You Are Unmarried

If you are not married and see dreams about being pregnant, then it may indicate the beginning of a new relationship in your life It also means that you are soon going to become the bride of someone.