Marriage in Dream Meaning: Here’s What Astrology Has to Say About It

Seeing dreams is a universal phenomenon and no person can claim that he has never had a dream in his sleep. Dreams can be both auspicious and inauspicious depending upon the circumstances and time. As per the ancient treatise of Swapna Shastra which is a part of Vedic Hindu Astrology, the interpretation of every dream has been clearly spelled out. It is believed that every dream has significance and is rooted deeply into our fortunes. Dreams have a bearing on the course of our future events. It gives an indication of future events which can be both good and bad. Today let us discuss dreams in which one sees himself getting married or sees someone getting married.

Seeing Own Marriage In Dream

Marriage in Dream Meaning

Marriage is a social responsibility and is necessary for the continuation of species. If you see yourself getting married in your dream, it is not a good sign and as per Swapan Shastra, seeing marriage in dream is a precursor to something unpleasant happening in your life. Such a dream also means that the person is soon going to be burdened by some heavy responsibility.

Seeing the Marriage Of A Close Friend Or Relative

Again just like seeing your marriage in dream, it is also not a good omen to see your friend or relative getting married. The dream is indicative of impediments in the way of your career or business. It could also mean that the person whose marriage you witnessed will be facing difficulties in his or her life.

Seeing Oneself Getting Married Once Again

If a person sees that he is getting married once again, it means that the person is not happy with his marriage. Dreams are often a manifestation of hidden desires deep within the psyche. The person who has a troubled marriage always dreams about getting a respite and this manifests as dreams in which the person is getting remarried. Marriage in dream can also mean that the person’s smooth marriage is soon going to face fresh challenges.

Getting Dreams About Getting Married To Someone You Love

As per Swapna Shastra, it is a good omen to see yourself getting married to the woman you love. It also means that your relationship will soon mature into marriage and it is the ripe time to start a family. It will also remove all doubts in your mind regarding the value of such a relationship changing into a permanent statue of marriage.

Seeing one deeply involved in preparations of marriage in dream

This is not a good omen to see yourself getting involved in the marriage preparation of someone else’s marriage. As the old adage goes ‘Begani Shadi Main Abdullah Deewana’. In other words, you are not required to spill your guts out for a third person and toil. Such a dream can also mean that you are going to see adverse situations in your career and business.

Seeing A Marriage Getting Broken In Dreams

It is not a good omen to see someone’s marriage getting broken in a dream. Seeing such a dream is indicative of something terrible happening to the dreaming person. It could mean that any new venture is not going to succeed and there will a host of problems.

However seeing a marriage Mandap in your dream is considered a good omen. It is indicative of something positive and blessed occurrence will happen in your home. It is also a good omen to see one dancing in the marriage of your near and dear ones and something positive will happen soon.

Having Thoughts of Marriage

This again is a very good omen and it means that the person is soon going to meet his partner for life. It also means that the person is going to take up a responsibility and successfully accomplish the task with flying colors.

Seeing a Woman in Red Bridal Dress

Seeing a woman in a red bridal dress is considered  a very auspicious occasion and just like a bride who brings happiness and prosperity in a person’s home, seeing a bride in a dream means the person will soon touch new heights of glory and prosperity.

We see incidents in our dreams and it is often said that it is indicative of some future happenings. However it also does not mean that there is every possibility of nothing inauspicious happening in future since our future also depends upon our karma. Doing good deeds, not causing pain to others knowingly, helping the old and the poor, respecting your parent can negate the negative effects of such dreams.