Having Dreams About Death? Here’s What Astrology Has to Say About It

Dreams have a big significance in our life and no person on earth is present who has not had dreams. In fact if a person does not dream it signifies a big health issue and can lead to many psychological problems. Dreams often signify some good tidings or bad tidings and there are many interpretations of the dreams as per astrology.

In the past also there are instances when even God’s had dreams before any big incident. When lord Rama was sent to exile he had terrible dreams and he was apprehensive about some bad tidings. It became true when he received the terrible news of his father’s death. Lankapati Ravan also had a premonition of his impending death at the hands of Lord Rama. It is sai that Bhishma also had dreams about his impending death before the Kurukshetra war . Karna also knew about his impending death due to the curse of Parshurama.

Dreams are closely related to the happenings in our life and having Dreams About Death can rattle the bravest of people. However we should not be perturbed by death dreams and it could have a positive and a negative outcome of our life. Today we are going to discuss the meaning of dreams about death from an astrological point of view.

It is said that dreams are a glimpse of the future of man. By the way, no one has any control over dreams, that’s why some people have good dreams and some people have bad dreams. But, whatever the dreams are, they definitely give us some indication about the future. According to dream science, the dreams we see while sleeping warn us about the future.

According to dream science, dreams definitely give us some indication about the coming time. Some dreams are in the form of warning or information and these dreams are really important. These dreams warn you about the future and tell auspicious and inauspicious events. Many times we have dreams related to death, but we are unaware of its true meaning. Let us know the meaning of seeing death in different ways in the dream.

However it must be remembered that our karma has a big bearing on our future and the future can also be molded as per our deeds. The interpretations are meant to be a warning so that the person can become careful and modulate his life to minimize the risks.

Dreams About Death are inauspicious?

It is said that Dreams About Death are not always inauspicious and there are many instances when the dreams about death can lead to pleasant outcomes. If a person dreams about his own death then it is considered auspicious. It is interpreted as a welcome development and the person will soon be blessed with good fortune and monetary gains.

Similarly if a person who is sick sees his own death in a dream it means that he is going to recover completely. In other words it means that all the worries are going to end soon and the person is going to live a long and contended life.

What does dreaming of a Dead Person Signify?

  • The interpretation of death dreams depends upon the situation and time of the dream.
  • If we see our late relatives’ or near ones in our dreams, it means that the dead person has some unaccomplished dreams or desires which he wants to be fulfilled through you. It could also mean that the person is about to get some profit in his business ventures.
  • It is also an auspicious sign to see a pyre of a dead burning. It means that all problems are going to be solved soon.

The Inauspicious Dreams About Death!

  • Dreams which depict scenes of suicide death are inauspicious and are a precursor to something terrible in the future. It could also mean that the person is going to be afflicted by some serious ailment.
  • Viewing ghosts in the dream is also significant of some ill happening in the near future.
  • A dream depicting the person getting killed is interpreted as an ill omen and the person is going to be betrayed by someone who is very near and dear.
  • Viewing a severed head is also considered inauspicious and it means there are going to be difficult periods in life in future.

Dreams Signifying Great Turmoil

  • Another inauspicious dream is to see you getting shaved bald. It signifies impending death in the family.
  • It is also inauspicious to see oneself getting anointed with oil or sitting on a donkey. It signifies great misery and turmoil in the coming days.
  • It is also inauspicious to see repeated instances of deaths or cremation in your dreams.