Are You Having Dreams about Dead People? Here’s What Astrology Says About It

Are You Having Dreams about Dead People? Here's What Astrology Says About It

Sleep and dreams are synonymous with one another and they cannot be separated from one another. Often we forget our dreams but we can often remember some dreams and the gist of the discussion today is the Dreams about Dead People and how they will affect our future. Some dreams are a precursor to future happenings and the best part of it is that it acts as a guide of how we should modulate our actions so that we can accrue the maximum benefits and reduce or negate the negative aspects. Let us understand what dreams about our passed-away relatives tell us and what inferences we can make from such dreams.

Human sleep is composed of two phases-The NREM sleep phase and the REM sleep phase. NREM or Non-Rapid Eye Movement sleep is the beginning of the sleep process. The person sinks deeper into sleep and reaches the next stage of sleep which is REM sleep. REM or rapid eye movement sleep is the time when the person starts to dream. The phase is characterized by the rapid movement of the eyeballs which can be easily distinguished. Dreams are related to the thoughts and aspirations which the person has and have a big significance on the forthcoming events as per Vedic Astrology.

We see a number of types of dreams while we are in a slumber. Most of the dreams are not remembered by the person but there are a number of dreams which are etched in our memory and leave behind a host of questions that need answers. According to Swapna Shastra and the science of dream interpretation, every dream has a particular significance. Dreams have a deep impact on our life. Some dreams are an indication of future happenings which can be both pleasant and unpleasant. Let us check out the significance of seeing dreams about dead people.

Dreams about Dead People

If you see Dreams about Dead People who is a close relative or friend in a happy mood, and hale and hearty, there is nothing to be perturbed. It means that the person has been reborn in a good place and will lead a happy and contented life.

There are two interpretations if you see a close relative or friend who has died in an angry mood or is weeping. One is that the person has not attained mukti and is floating in the universe searching for salvation. It could also mean that you are doing something which is not good for the departed soul. If the person is from your family a pooja for the departed soul’s salvation must be conducted. If the person is from another family, then they should be informed of the situation and appropriate measures must be taken.

It is also auspicious to see a dead person in deep conversation in a dream. It can be inferred that now all the difficulties in your life is going to be overcome and lady luck will smile on you. It can also be inferred as the beginning of a new phase in your life.

If a dead person gives advice on some vexing problem affecting the person in his dreams and if the person can clearly understand and remember the advice when he wakes up, it is good to heed to the advice.

If the person is not able to decipher or understand the words spoken by the dead person in his dreams, it is considered as an inauspicious dream. It could be a sign that something unholy is going to happen in the near future. It is advisable to remain alert and careful when you see such a dream.

If the dead person is in a rage in dream it means that he is demanding something. If Dreams about Dead People appears again and again, it also means that his aspirations are unfulfilled and measures must be taken to appease and calm his soul. It is recommended that the advice of a qualified astrologer must be sought. Also if the person appears in the dream without proper clothes, or shoes, or looks emancipated due to hunger it must be interpreted that the should of the dead person is unhappy due to some past bad deeds. Therefore the best thing is to feed a hungry person and charity must be given to the needy to help calm the unhappy soul.

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