7 important Vastu tips to score well in Exams

Below are the rules for improvement in different subjects –

  • Accounts and mathematics- students should sit facing north for better results.
  • Physics, architecture – sit facing south.
  • Chemistry, biology- sit facing south-east.
  • Hindi, Sanskrit- sit facing north-east.
  • Business studies, law, economics, English, history -sit facing west.
  • Psychology – sit facing south-west
  • Home-science, geography -sit facing north-west

Another problem which students have is stress and tension in exams. The north-east portion of our house should be clean and clutter-free. This zone is where the brain of Vastu Purush lies. Any defect in this area will weaken the concentration and memory of the child. Children should have curd and sugar before going for exams as it calms the nerves and the mind. The planet Rahu rules the brain waves. The best way to appease Rahu is to be positive and stress-free. Best of luck to all students.