Why do remedies fail?

There is often mistrust and confusion as to the efficacy of astrological remedies. This is especially true of the younger generation. Going to temples for worship and the performance of family rituals are ridiculed. The films like PK, Oh My God have brainwashed minds. Astrology is based on the laws of karma, i.e. cause and effect. You will reap what you sow.

There are four categories of people

  1. Those who don’t follow remedies and still enjoy comfortable living without many hurdles.
  1. Those who work hard and also do remedy, follow family rituals. They get their ambitions fulfilled.
  1. Those who suffer at the hands of destiny even after doing every remedy.
  1. Those who suffer and don’t believe in remedies.


The term ‘karma’ means those karmas which leave an imprint on the psyche. These imprints can be good or bad. There are three categories of karma i.e. sanchit, prarabdh and aagami. The results of sanchit and aagami can be changed, but the results of prarabdh karmas are a burden and have to be borne. The remedies are prescribed in the form of jap, tap, Tapasya, daan and bhakti. They are advised to neutralise the effect of the cause troubling an aspect of life. The laws of nature are fixed and must give results to maintain equilibrium.

A human being is half animal and half spiritual. The planets can apply pressure on the animal nature or the unconscious realm of existence. The more aware we become, the less the planets can influence us negatively. This can only happen if we follow a sattvic and spiritual lifestyle.

Astrologically, if in a horoscope ascendant or moon is bereft of the placement or aspect of Jupiter or the ninth lord, the individual is bound to suffer. They come under the 3rd and 4th category. The placement of Jupiter and moon in the ascendant or the aspect of the ninth lord on it makes the individual enjoy life without hurdles. They come under the 1st and 2nd category. The performance of remedies and good karma can surely alter the destiny. A famous saint has said, “if one can control his body, 25 percent of destiny can change, if one can control his mind, 70 percent of destiny can change and if one is self-realised, one can write his own destiny”.

The performance of astral remedies can change lives, but one should have faith and courage to make changes in his/her life. The performance of astral remedies should be aimed to bring a healthy change in the mind and lifestyle. The results are sure to come if done with the right attitude.