Snake in Dream Meaning: If You See Snakes In Dream, Get Alert

Snake in Dream Meaning: If You See Snakes In Dream, Get Alert

Dreams and mankind are synonymous and no sane person can claim that he has not had dreams in his life. In fact dreams are the manifestation of our inner psyche. Often people dream about seeing snakes in their dream. However we should not be afraid since snakes in dreams may not always mean something bad and it could also bring good tidings. Today let us learn the significance of seeing snakes in dream ad how it will become a precursor of things which can happen in the future.

Many people dream about snakes in their slumber and it could be a good omen or a bad omen. Therefore it is very important to decipher the meaning of seeing a snake in dream. Let us evaluate the meaning of seeing snake in dream as per Swapan Shastra or dream science which is a branch of the ancient science of Vedic Hindu Astrology.

All people dream and every dream have its significance. As per Swapan Shastra or dream science every dream has significance and a bearing on our future. In the legendary epic of Swapan Shastra there is interpretation and significance of every dream which takes place when we are in deep slumber.  There are different types of dreams about snakes and the interpretation depends about the situation of such snake dreams. You could be seeing yourself getting bitten by a snake or a snake is in hot pursuit and the interpretation of every dream is different. Some of the dreams are positive while some could signify an impending bad incidence.

Seeing A Snake Getting Killed

Snake in Dream

If a person sees himself killing a snake in his dream then as per the science of dreams it heralds a welcome omen and the coming days will be carefree and free of all kinds of problems. The dream also signifies you are going to prevail upon your enemies and the coming days will be free of any worries. Such a dream also signifies that you are going to succeed in your latest venture.

Seeing A Group Of Snake In Dream

Often people dream about seeing a bunch of snakes in their dreams. As per hindu astrology, it is not a good omen to see a bunch of snakes in your dream. If a person has repeated dreams where he sees a group it means that he is going to face a number of averse situations in the near future in his life.

Seeing a Black Snake in Dream

If a person witnesses a black snake in his dream it is considered a bad omen and he will face a series of bad incidents and calamities. It is indicative that you are going to face a series of serious health issues. It is also indicative of a loss in prestige as well as financial loss. Seeing a black snake also means that there will be a sudden attack by one of your closest friends.

Seeing A Snake Following You In Dreams

It is a very good omen to dream about a snake following you. As per Swapna Shastra, it means that your efforts will be highly appreciated and you will find success in your ventures. You will reach new heights of glory and success will become a habit for you. Similarly seeing yourself followed by a snake in your dreams also means that a sick person will soon be cured of his illness and good health will follow for a long period of time. It also means that the person will also be relieved of mental tension and depression.

Seeing A Brown Snake In Dream

There are many interpretations about seeing a brown snake. In general seeing a brown snake is considered as a good omen. It means that the problems which you are facing in life will disappear and the lady luck will smile on you. If you see a brown snake under your bed it means that you are in considerable stress and things are not happening as per your desires. If brown snakes attack you in your dreams, it means that you are going to face some calamity in the near future.

Dreaming About Holding A Snake In Your Hand

If you dream that you are holding a snake in your hand, it means that your life is going to see a huge change and life is going to see a turn towards the good. You will see a big change in your financial status. Seeing a white snake in your dreams is even better.

Humans and snakes have been in existence since time immemorial. In Indian culture, snakes are treated with respect, unlike in western culture where snakes have a dubious reputation. Seeing snakes in dreams has both positive and negative outcomes.

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