Manglik Dosha and Its Emphasis Over Kundali Matching

Manglik Dosha Checker

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Kundali matching is the matching or the analysis done between the two birth charts or the natal charts to understand the perspective of the life that both the individuals are going to lead in their future. It has been found from the time of the Vedic Puranas where the compatibility ensured an enchanting and a beautiful marriage to live along with.

When the kundali matching by date of birth only is done, it not only helps to understand the level of their spiritual understanding but also reveals the prospective related to the marriage for their life- long bonding.

Marriage is undoubtedly a new point of time that starts to unfold between two lives along with their own families. It is not only compatibility between the couple but also between their families. The placement of the Moon in the segment of understanding the matching of the kundalis plays a very important role in understanding the situation of the stars or Nakshatras that form the solar system.

The process of Kundali matching is simple yet complicated. Guns are the qualities that are possessed by almost every single person who has taken birth in this lifetime. The number of matches for matching the point in the birth chart is 36. Out of 36 points, if the 18 points match for the couple, then the marriage is known to be favorable as there are 50% chances of being abundant in the relationship.

Manglik Dosha

According to the notions, if all the properties that are needed to lead a fruitful life, turn out to be a favorable one, then there is no problem in living a good life after all. As it is already written in the destiny but there are situations that arise if the man and the woman suffer from different doshas due to the influence of the specific planets that get situated in the houses during the time of the birth of the person and they think what is the disturbance in my kundali. If the doshas are ignored and the marriage takes place along with it then there are chances of discord in the relationship that is going to form between the couple for sure.

Manglik dosha takes place due to the immense influence that is showered by the planet Mars on a person. Due to the blessing of the Mars, the individual is blessed with a warrior kind of attitude and thus these people are progressive when it comes to the achievement of work, debates, competitions, and anything that is physically challenging to them but when it comes to the sphere of a calm and peaceful marriage, the marriage turns out to be a battlefield. If the dosha is not recovered and the couple gets married along with it, then the life is definitely going to turn upside down as the effects start to get delivered after the marriage.

There are going to be chances of misunderstanding and discord between the mutual understandings of the couple. The man might be very reckless when it comes to handling finances and might also end up losing the property that he has inherited from his ancestors. The couple might be surrounded by enemies all around. There might be chances of depression and financial losses in the business or job as well. Despite no problems, there will be a sense of pain, despair, agony, and restlessness. Even if the couple does not go through all of these feelings, there will always be a sense of incompleteness, walking along with them. There might be chances of sudden death between the partners due to this as well.

Manglik Dosha According to the Houses

If the Mars of the native belongs to the 2 nd house of their birth chart, there are chances of trouble and hurdles in their family life. There will be disturbances involved in their professional life which will affect their personal life as well.

If the Mars of the individual sits on the 4th house of their Janam Kundali, there are chances of adversities in professional life. There will be situations where the native might need to change their jobs randomly but still, the end product that they will receive will not be the one that they have expected. There will be a sense of financial crisis encircling their life.

If Mars resides in the 7th house of the person, he/she is going to be quite irritating when it comes to their behaviors. They will be very bad at handling their temper. They would project aggression in their attitude. Fights and arguments will be a daily story between the spouses or between the couples.

If Mars belongs to the 8th house of the individual’s Janam Kundali, the person is going to turn out to be quite lethargic in nature. They will undoubtedly be careless and would face difficulties when it comes to dealing with the finances or the money. He/ She might also go through limiting beliefs due to mental stress.

If Mars conquers the 12th house, the person will be surrounded by people who would always try to harm them no matter what the situation is or how good they are. Due to this, their life would never be stable as they would always be in stress and depression, not knowing how to deal with it.

Remedies for The Manglik Dosha

  • It is advised to go for fasting where the individual can only consume toor dal.
  • On every Tuesday of the month, the person suffering from the Manglik dosha is advised to chant the Mangal mantra.
  • It is necessary to chant the Gayatri Mantra with 108 counts.  Praying to Lord Hanuman is important while sitting in front of their idol.
  • The Manglik man needs to be married off with the Manglik woman.
  • The bride needs to be married off with a banyan tree as advised by the pandits or the astrologer before getting married to their potential partners.
  • The native is advised to donate red gram dal foods, the bread of wheat, knives on Tuesdays.

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