What is 36 Gun Milan in Hindu Marriage and Its Importance?

Hindu marriages are nonetheless carried out as per the Vedic custom of horoscope matching. A horoscope or the beginning chart of the person is a vital doc for predicting the way forward for a person and ascertaining his or her compatibility with the proposed marriage accomplice. 36 Guns are the features that have to be thought of by evaluating the horoscopes of the bride and groom to determine their compatibility with one another. Right here is an summary of the 36 Guns in comparison with approving a wedding as per the astrological custom in India.

Kundali Match or Guna Milan

Kundali matching additionally referred to as as Guna Milan is step one in ascertaining the marriage compatibility. Guna Milan occurs as per the detailed tips given within the astrological texts of the Vedic custom. Guna Milan helps decide the steadiness and longevity of the connection between the birde and groom trying ahead to marry. There are 36 Gunas listed out by the scriptures for evaluating.

36 Gunas Overview

The next are the eight classes or Ashta Koot with the variety of factors allotted for every of those classes. Observe that the full variety of factors underneath the Ashta Koot matching makes 36 Gunas.

Nadi: 8 Points
Bhakoot: 7 Points
Gana: 6 Points
Maitri: 5 Points
Yoni: 4 Points
Tara: 3 Points
Vasya: 2 points
Varna: 1 Point

Hence the full number of Guns is 36.

The basic compatibility requirement

Among the many 36 Gunas, at the very least 18 should match for approving the marriage. The most important features lined underneath these 18 Guns relate to mental compatibility, Mangalik dosh, the durability of the proposed relationship, the tendencies which are opposite to one another, commonness of their perspective and method, kids, total well being, sexual compatibility, and others.

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When is a marriage accepted

For approving a wedding, there should be not lower than 18 Guna matches between the bride and the groom’s horoscopes. If the matching Gunas are lower than 18, then the proposed match is just not accepted. If 18 to 25 Gunas match, then it’s deemed as marriage. One of the best match ensues when 26 to 32 Gunas match. In very uncommon instances, greater than 32 Gunas may match between the bride and the groom, and such a wedding is the perfect one and the diploma of compatibility between the bride and the groom is the best and greatest in such instances. Understand A to Z of Kundali Matching Here

Gunas or Ashta Koot matching description

  1. Nadi refers back to the features of well being and replica. People of comparable nadi should not marry. If this isn’t ensured, the kids of the stated couple may have bodily and psychological troubles.
  2. Bhakoot matches the 12 zodiac indicators as per the character of those indicators. Marriages are accepted between appropriate zodiac indicators.
  3. Gana or qualities match the propensities or qualities of the people primarily based on classifying people as endowed with the qualities of gods, people, and demons. The coupling of the identical Guna is the very best match.
  4. Maitri ascertains the flexibility of the couple to have a appropriate relationship in household life.
  5. Yoni or the sexual compatibility examines the bodily or sexual compatibility of the people coming collectively in marriage.
  6. Taara or the constellation matches the horoscopes primarily based on the nakshatra or the star of the people. It will point out the full lifespan and the potential for widowhood.
  7. Vasya considers the traits of the people and ascertains who will dominate the connection. 8. Varna considers the propensities of marrying people primarily based on the 4 classes of individuals specifically Brahmin, Kshatriya, Vaishya, and Shudra.


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