If something is most important for the body in a run-of-the-mill life, it is ‘Sleep’. As much as food is necessary for the body, it is also necessary to sleep. Let me tell you that in the scriptures also it has been discussed that how Sleep is beneficial for our body. Our Vastu Expert, tells us that while sleeping, our feet should not be facing south, that is, we should not sleep while keeping our head towards north. You should sleep by keeping your head in the east or south direction. Sleeping by keeping the head in these directions gives long life and health will also remain good. On the other hand, if you sleep with your head in the north or west direction, then it damages your health, and Wealth as well. According to the scriptures, it is also a bad omen. Know here the Best Direction to Sleep as per Vastu Shastra.

Benefits of keeping head towards the south direction (Best Direction to Sleep as per vastu Shastra)

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Let me tell you that whenever you head towards the south, then naturally the foot will be in the north direction. Sleeping in these directions of feet and head, according to the scriptures as well as prevailing beliefs, has been instructed to sleep in this way in terms of health. This belief is also based on scientific facts. It is said that sleeping with the head and feet in this direction keeps the blood circulation of the body also right.

That’s why you should not keep the head in the north while Sleeping

If you are wondering why you should not sleep with your head in the north direction, then tell you that there is a magnetic force in the earth. These magnetic currents flow continuously from south to north. When we head towards the south and sleep, this energy enters from our heads and exits from the feet. In such a situation, people wake up in the morning and feel refreshed and energized. That is why it is said that you should never sleep with your head in the north direction.

you can also sleep, when you head in east Direction

If you want, you can also head east and west during sleeping direction. According to the scriptures, this condition is also better for sleeping. In the Sanatan Dharma, the Sun has been considered the life-giver and deity. In such a situation, it can not be considered appropriate to step in the direction of the sun’s exit. Because of this, the head can be placed towards the east.

By turning Sleep, it is beneficial for health

Let me tell you that sleeping on the left side is beneficial for the body. From the point of view of science, the breath that comes out of our nose and comes in is called a vowel. Breathing and exhalation through the left nostril of the nose are called a lunar voice. Similarly, the voice on the right side is called Surya Swara. Surya Swara generates heat in our bodies. It also helps in digesting food. That is why in our scriptures, the left side is said to sleep.

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While sleeping, you should keep these things in mind –

  • Never sleep at home in the evening. In the scriptures, sleeping is prohibited during the evening, especially at dusk. –
  • Take food about 2 hours before sleeping at night.
  • Keep in mind that if it is not very important, do not wake up late in the night.
  • Whenever you are going to sleep, keep in mind that keep your mind calm.
  • Whenever you go to sleep, you should remember God and thank him for this precious life.

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