Zodiac Signs: Anushka Sharma

Given that Anushka Sharma was born on May 1st, she is a Taurean.

Therefore, it is possible to anticipate that the new mom will have a logical, diligent, intelligent, dependable, dedicated, and stubborn personality. 

 The most characteristic quality of those born under this sign is stubbornness.

However, they also enjoy living a lavish lifestyle surrounded by high-end material possessions.

Since her husband Virat Kohli played a match-winning knock against Pakistan at the T20 World Cup opener on Sunday at the Melbourne Cricket Ground in Melbourne, Anushka Sharma is currently "over the moon."


Pisces is the water sign, and those born under it tend to be sensitive, romantic, dreamy, and imaginative. 

Cancer is a water sign once more, and its inhabitants are nurturing, intensely emotional, sensitive, devoted, and compassionate.



Virgos are realistic, analytical, diligent, loyal, trustworthy, faithful, and dedicated individuals.


Capricorns, another sign in the Taurus family, are diligent, committed, practical, organised, and loyal individuals.