Which Astrology Signs Apply to the BTS Members?

This indicates that these bandmates were both Virgos at birth. When you consider how pragmatist and diligent Jungkook is, this makes sense.


September 12 marked RM's birth. As a gift from the planet Mercury, the ruler of Virgo, RM is the band's wordsmith and translator.


Jimin has reportedly made very generous donations to help underprivileged students in Korea, so this is undoubtedly true.


Jin is not only living the life of a rock star, which is the Sagittarian dream, but he is also living a life of adventure.


V has persevered despite the suffering and grown more resilient as a result of his challenges.

V (Capricorn)

J-Hope is without a doubt capable of engaging in deep thought at times. Aquarians are also all about the life of the mind.


Suga is a Pisces, and Pisces are selfless, compassionate, and always willing to help others.


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