The fruit Your Spring Plant-Based Horoscope

 The need to nourish our bodies with a plant-based diet rich in fruits and vegetables at this Spring Solstice has never been more important.

Everything is energy, and the foods we pick now will affect our vitality even more.

Plant-based foods, especially fruits, not only give you clean energy but also serve as your "nutritional talisman" by preventing burnout due to cosmic influences that are out of our control.


Your chance to shine and make a difference is now. 


Green Kiwis are symbolic of the renewal of nature as we move into Spring.

 Consider Acai as your new best friend to help you through this exciting time.



This period will see a lot of expanding business and career opportunities through new ideas.


Strawberries will restore your stamina so you can conquer the world with ease. 


You are being urged by this solstice to prioritise taking care of yourself and your body.