Future Prediction and Astrology of Narendra Modi

The best prime minister that Independent India has ever had is Narendra Modi. 

His accurate horoscope has caused a lot of confusion and disagreement among many astrologers. 

Regarding our honourable PM, I have made a number of predictions in the past, and most of them came true. 

It is clear to me that Prashna's chart cannot be accurately analysed on its own, and this makes me believe that his Scorpion ascendant is the right one.

There are numerous instances and events in his life that can be supported by a Scorpion ascendant rather than a Libra.

The key to his life is his reputation as a "Chai Wala," and under the influences of the Scorpion Ascendant, Saturn, and Moon, Taurus represents the significance of tea in daily life. 

 In Scorpion Asc, a number of Raj Yogas are practised. 

Ruchak yoga, one of the Panch Mahapurusha yogas, develops a person's "Natural leader." 

Additionally, it develops a dominant personality that the opposition criticises for being like Hitler or the monarchy.