free:Top Astrology Apps To Use In 2022

1. Co-Star

The app will ask for both your date of birth and time of birth when you first sign up, which helps to explain why it is so accurate. 

2. Sanctuary

Sanctuary provides streamlined guides for various topics, cycles, signs, and planets in relation to your star sign for beginners who want to learn about astrology in depth.

3. The Pattern

The app also has self-reflection prompts, or you can choose to participate in the global discussion and enter your response.

4. The Daily Horoscope

Although this app might not have as many features as the others, it still offers in-depth information on each zodiac

5. Susan Miller Astrology Zone

The Astrology Zone app by astrologer Susan Miller features astrology essays written by Miller as well as daily and monthly horoscopes.

The app will analyse your birth chart to determine your work patterns and direct you toward the most advantageous times for meetings

6. Align27

7. Know The Zodiac

Know The Zodiac is an app that offers detailed daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly zodiac readings.


Cusp is a cute and quirky love horoscope app that gives you daily insights into your love and relationship life.

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