Box office forecast for Ram Setu vs. Thank god

When Sooryaanshi reopened theatres in a big way the previous year

Bollywood and the distribution/exhibition circle had much to celebrate. 

The Akshay Kumar-Rohit Shetty movie opened to Rs. 26.29 crores at the box office despite restrictions of 50% occupancy and general audience apprehension to enter theatres. 

It was a great song that made it abundantly clear that the moviegoing experience was here to stay.

 Little did it reveal, however, that this was primarily about the entertainment on the big screen and that independent films would struggle.

With the majority of mid- and small-budget films failing to even cross Rs. 15 crores in lifetime revenue

 With The Kashmir Files becoming a Rs. 200 Crore Club blockbuster as the major exception, that prediction has already been proven to be accurate around the year 2022. 

Not only that, but some of the biggest films also turned out to be huge box office duds.

Both Akshay Kumar and Ajay Devgn, who are attending with their films Ram Setu and Thank God, have firsthand experience with that.