Astrological article and chart by Rishi Sunak

For Rishi Sunak, this Uranus to Mercury transit began around July 10, 2022, and it will peak on March 16, 2024.

Days move at the pace of a stoned snail when they slog along. However, time moves much more quickly when it is flying. 

Your hours seem like minutes right now.

You can hardly believe how much anticipation there is and how many standards it seems you have to uphold.

 It's unsettling to feel such an odd mix of obligation and joy.

It might be beneficial to pause and reflect on the Wizard of Oz's Scarecrow story. 

He asked the wizard to bestow a brain upon him. He already had one, so the wizard was unable to give him another.

So as an alternative, the wizard gave him a recommendation. 

There are times when it seems as though the world is full of people who have credentials attesting to their intelligence but don't appear to use it very much.