According to your zodiac sign, what kind of friend are you?

Aries: The one who makes impromptu plans

People look to you to reinvigorate their lives whenever the routine of daily life becomes too much for them.

Taurus: The giver of understanding ears

Your friends come to you when times are tough because of your innate loyalty and steadiness.

Gemini: The solo stand-up comedy performance

You are the social butterfly of the zodiac, flitting from one group to another and bringing laughter with you.

Being one of the maternal signs of the zodiac, you watch over your friends and give them a shoulder to cry on.

Cancer: The group's designated mother

Leo: The most generous gift-giver

You're a born leader and always know what's right for everyone.

Scorpio: The secret-keeper

Your friends trust you with their secrets because they know you'll take them to the grave with you.

Zodiac Signs: People who will do anything  for Friendship