75 Quotes From Scorpio That Sum Up This Powerful Sign

Is it any wonder that Scorpio rules the spookiest and most reflective season of the year

Halloween and the final days of autumn? Because this water sign is so focused in everything they do, this is the case. 

 If you ever need confirmation, look up quotes by and about the sign of Scorpio.

Beyond that, though, they can shed more light on what makes Scorpions so distinctive.

Since Scorpios are notorious for being extremely passionate individuals who will not hold back once they feel something. 

For Scorpions, who are naturally extremely private, introverted, and prefer their own company, feelings are very important.

A Scorpio expects complete loyalty and secrecy from anyone they let into their inner circle because that is who they are.

They are steadfast to a fault and would never betray a lover or friend.

They are represented by the Scorpion, and once they expel you from their life, you can consider yourself banished.