West Facing House Vastu Plan: Follow These Tips To Bring Peace And Prosperity To Your Home

West Facing House Vastu Plan: Follow These Tips To Bring Peace And Prosperity To Your Home

West Facing House Vastu Plan, this discussion is extraordinary in itself. The third option for most people in the case of a place is a west-facing house. People opt for an East facing home; if not possible, they prefer a North facing house, and last option is a West facing house. However, in metro cities where land is a premium such luxury of a choice is not available. Therefore it is better to take remedial Vaastu of the West facing house.

West Facing House Vastu Plan – Tips to Follow

West Facing House Vastu Plan

It is generally believed that a west-facing house should not be bought. Avoid doing this. The main reason behind this is accepted to be the spread of negative energy. Due to this people do not buy such houses which are west facing. It is said that Shani is heavy on them, due to which problems can crop up later.  The thing to be noted here is that if the rules of Vastu are followed, then this thing can be proved wrong. If the principles of Vaastu Of West Facing House are strictly implemented then west-facing houses can also prove to beget good results.

Importance of West Facing House Vastu Plan

God is omnipresent and so is positivity, and have faith that everything will be all right, and have a positive attitude. It is generally believed that negative energy is more in the west direction. This cannot be denied but taking remedial actions of Vaastu Of West Facing House will negate the negative energy and a West facing house can also become a heaven.

According to Vastu, if the entrance of a west-facing house is in the right direction, then the negativity can be reduced to a great extent. While making the door of the west-facing house, it should be kept in mind that its construction should start in the Muhurta of the third, fourth, fifth, or sixth pada. This should not be done in the seventh, eighth, and ninth positions. Apart from the entrance, all other elements are equally important.

West Facing House Vastu Plan – Solutions

As we have told People to opt for an East facing home and if not possible then they prefer a North facing house and the last option is a West facing house. It becomes problematic to buy or sell houses. The following measures will negate the negativity to a great extent.

  • Negate the negative energy by placing the Vastu pyramid in the west corner.
  • Keep a Brass pyramid in the west direction for positive energy.
  • The construction of the house should be made according to Vastu rules especially in making the main bedroom and kitchen.
  • Have more windows in the North East of the house for entry of positive energy
  • If there is a pillar in the house, then beautiful Vastu paintings can be decorated on it.
  • Keep a vessel full of water in the North East corner.
  • A Vastu divider sheet can be used to remove the defect in the west direction.

West Facing House Is Good Or Bad According To Vastu

The question of most people is whether a west-facing house is good or bad according to Vastu. Most of the Vastu experts believe that East facing houses are best from the Vastu point of view because the Sun rises in the east and a west-facing house is bad because the sun sets in the west. Although this is not the right reason, the west house is not considered auspicious. On the other hand, there are some other things, which should be taken care of. These include the entrance, bedroom, kitchen, stairs, and other things.

West Facing House Vastu Plan – Key Vastu Tips

  • If the rules of West Facing House Vastu Plan followed in a house then it can prove to be good for the family. It also reduces negativity from a west-facing house.
  • If there is a well in the southwest direction, it can cause poverty and lack of money.
  • Having a kitchen in the southwest direction in the west also brings negative energy.
  • In a two-story house, the main bedroom should be on the top of the southwest direction, looking in the west direction.
  • The guest room of the west-facing house should be in the northeast direction.
  • Any kind of construction should be avoided in the south or west. This is not correct in terms of negative energy.
  • The slope of the house should be in the north. It attracts wealth and prosperity.
  • To prevent negativity, the compound wall should be thick and wide in the west and south directions.
  • Big trees should be planted in the west.
  • West facing house should not be bought if it is on Tee or on Vidhyshul.
  • There should not be any terrace or balcony in the west.

What Are The Benefits Of A West Facing House?

The most significant advantage of a west-facing house is that you can enjoy the sun and sunlight till late evening. Some people believe that a west-facing house gives more prosperity and prosperity from a comparative point of view. Although the advantage of a west-facing house is that they do not have enemies, if they do, they like your work. The atmosphere of the house also remains correct.

Why Are West-Facing Houses Considered Bad?

According to Vastu Shastra, all houses are of equal importance. West-facing houses are also not less important in any way. These are as beneficial as north or east-facing houses. It is necessary that the principles of Vastu should be followed in these.

Can We Live In A West Facing House?

It is wrong to say that bad luck follows us if we live in a west-facing house. This is not correct, the west-facing house is also like any other house. There the rules of Vastu must be followed. According to Vastu, every direction has its own importance.

WHAT Should Be Kept In The West Corner Of The House?

If there are many types of problems in the house, if you are troubled by lack of money, then there are some things that can be taken care of. Vastu says that a glass of salt and water should be kept in the southwest corner of the house. A red colored bulb should be lit behind the glass.

Last Word on West Facing House Vastu Plan

Having a west-facing house can be difficult as it is dominated by Saturn and is associated with misfortune, ill health, and poverty. But it is not difficult to diagnose these issues using Vastu and Vastu tips for west-facing houses. However, Vastu Shastra’s tips for west-facing homes will create more positivity for the family. It will improve their life with wealth, abundance, love, and success in their life. But do not forget to consult a Vastu expert.


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