Vastu Colours for Bedroom, Kitchen, Living Room, Study Room, Home

The moment one opens his/her eyes, a world filled with colors perceives earlier than him. The influence of those colors on varied points of our life – emotional, mental, materialistic, bodily and intuitive – is immeasurable. It is because each shade has particular properties and traits that affect our moods, habits and even way of life. Throughout historic instances, realized males realized the importance of various colors, and related them with corresponding planets, the seven main charkas (power facilities) in our physique, and 7 days of the week. It’s no shock then that colors play a significant function within the creation of an excellent vaastu atmosphere.

It’s a well-known incontrovertible fact that colors are mainly vibrations of sunshine. When white mild hits an object, sure wavelengths (vibrations) are emitted, and these kind totally different colors. White mild might be divided into seven main colors of the spectrum – pink, orange, yellow, inexperienced, blue, indigo and violet. These colors can then be mixed to create secondary colors and shades.

As a way to carry concord to our life and the Vastu atmosphere, you will need to perceive the properties of those main colors. These have been mentioned beneath:

Red Colour

That is the colour of blood and has an apparent affiliation with our life and physique. Crimson symbolizes lust, ardour, materialism, and different base energies, in addition to being related to fireplace. It gives exercise, power, and can energy.
The entrance façade of constructions dealing with the south path needs to be painted pink; those that don’t like pink can add a pink shade ingredient to the entrance exterior. Contained in the construction, you may paint the south wall of the lounge pink to create life drive power.

Colour Combination for Bedroom According to Vastu

Rosy pink or pink shades can be utilized within the bed room as they symbolize deep love. Pink is a perfect color for newlyweds, and may particularly be utilized by {couples} wishing to conceive. People who find themselves typically irritable or {couples} dealing with battle of their relationship may also profit by this color. Actually, pink can be utilized wherever in the home.
Deep or darkish pink shades signify anger and shouldn’t be utilized in bedrooms.

Orange Colour

This color represents pleasure, ambition and communication. It additionally signifies well being and vitality.
Younger, aspiring people who find themselves but to realize their targets in life ought to use orange shades on the southern wall of their bed room.

Since it’s a fiery color, it shouldn’t be utilized by individuals who have a cross or indignant nature.
Orange shades can be utilized in kitchens which can be situated within the south or southeast.
It’s an growing shade, the individuals who really feel low ought to use the orange shades in there life.
Orange shades will also be used within the puja room.

Yellow Colour (For Puja and Study Room as per Vastu)

: This color signifies illumination, mild, mind and better psychological exercise. Additionally it is a color of goddess. This shade is finest for Maa Lakshmi, she likes this shade. Yellow is sweet for research, focus and stabilizing the thoughts, and is finest suited on the northern partitions of a constructing.
What do you imply by color of goddess? Please clarify?

Vastu Colours for Home

1. North dealing with constructions ought to have yellow colours.
2. North aspect rooms can have yellow colours.
3. Yellow has cementing nature; these with fractures and weak bones ought to use yellow colours garments.
4. Yellow is a shade for the photo voltaic plexus chakra these with behavioral issues can use this shade.
5. This shade is sweet for prosperity, yellow semi-precious and treasured stones can used to maintain within the money bins or the wallets.

Green Colour

This shade symbolizes nature, fertility, abundance, prosperity and the expansion of optimistic power. It additionally represents rebirth, signifying the re-creation of recent concepts. Inexperienced is a therapeutic shade as nicely, and is sweet for coronary heart and hypertension issues. The colour additionally has a cooling impact on individuals with an irritable, cussed nature.

Vastu Colour for Married Life

Inexperienced can be utilized as a treatment by {couples} experiencing clashes of their married life; pastel inexperienced shades in southeastern bedrooms have a soothing impact.

Inexperienced is a harmonious shade for the east, and constructions dealing with this path should have a component of inexperienced ingredient of their entrance façade. Consultants, architects, designers, vogue stylists, and others within the consulting occupation ought to have a inexperienced ingredient of their workplace.

Blue: That is the colour of the sky, and likewise represents water. It signifies feelings, inspiration, devotion and reality. Blue can be a therapeutic and merciful shade, and helps scale back pains within the physique.

Vastu Colours for Kids Bed room

It may be used within the kids’s bed room, however shouldn’t be utilized in a kitchen, restaurant, workplace or retailers. Why for each elements of the sentence? Blue is a lowering shade that’s the reason it shouldn’t be used for eating places, workplace and retailers. It has a non steady nature.

Probably the most harmonious path for utilizing blue is the west. Please elaborate in a few traces. As a result of the top-of-the-line shade for west is blue, west is owned by varun dev the god of water, blue represents the water that’s the reason the blue shade is sweet in west.

Its use is strictly prohibited within the southeast as this path signifies fireplace, which is in full distinction to water, represented by blue.

Indigo: This shade provides a deep connection to the inside self, creates religious qualities, and enhances psychic talents.

Vastu Colours for Kitchen

Indigo Colour can be utilized wherever, count on in bathrooms and kitchens. Nevertheless, it’s superb for meditation and classrooms.
Utilizing white or yellow with violet make for a optimistic mixture.
Indigo is a shade of lord Krishna.


This shade represents spiritual devotion, data and temperance. It enhances spiritualism, improves reminiscence and focus, and gives stability of thoughts.

Violet is finest utilized in pooja (prayer) and classrooms and is right for college students, students, and other people whose work requires a number of psychological exercise.

This shade can be good for people who find themselves indecisive.
Violet shade shouldn’t be utilized in bathrooms and kitchens.

if utilized in extra portions it provides spirituality, particularly the place ever there are extra ambitions and materialistic strategy of life violet needs to be utilized in much less portions. In enterprise and buying and selling locations it needs to be utilized in restricted portions. Folks with clear thoughts and solely cash primarily based ought to much less of violet shade and visa versa.
Violet shade provides contentment in life, so whosoever feels unhappy on a regular basis with none motive ought to use extra of violet.

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