South Facing House Vastu Plan & Remedies for South Facing Home

South Going through Home Vastu

South dealing with home is one during which the primary entrance door opens on to the south. As indicated by Vastu Shastra, all course impression equally home Vastu, nevertheless, the first passage must be within the north or east-facing course for essentially the most excessive benefit of the household. On the off likelihood that you’ve a south-facing home, do not stress. Listed below are some useful ideas for home Vastu. On the off likelihood that you just pursue these Vastu ideas. you’ll in all probability reside longer and succeed because the variety of excessive achievers and large names who likewise reside in properties with the south-facing fundamental door entrance.

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South West Going through Essential Door Vastu Treatments

South-west dealing with home entrance can attract unfavourable vitality. Many people name it fallen angel vitality because it, for essentially the most half, acquires catastrophe and battles to the household. Within the occasion that the riches vitality of this home is stable, the home proprietor could have a affluent interval for the preliminary three or 4 years earlier than issues begin to go downhill. To cease these unfavourable impacts full two issues, the preliminary one is to repair two tiles of Hanuman Ji holding a Gada in his left hand of the entryway. Gem stones like yellow sapphires or different earth gems and lead can likewise be set intentionally to restrict the seriousness of this deformity.

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South East Going through Home Vastu Plan

Within the occasion that the doorway door of the home faces south-east, you may stick the Gayatri Mantra on both facet of it. By and huge, an entryway confronting south-east is accepted to amass ailment, outrage, and lawful debate. Gems like yellow sapphires and coral could be utilized to decrease the unfavourable impacts of a south-east home door, thus will the steel copper.

Gayatri Mantra

ॐ भूर्भुवः स्वः
भर्गो देवस्य धीमहि
धियो यो नः प्रचोदयात् ॥

Vastu Plan For Direct South Going through Home

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If the doorway of the home faces the south course, it brings in sharp disruptions like disagreements and arguments, however generally, the south-facing door signifies a excessive diploma of social exercise. This may be rectified by inserting the 2 Hanumanji tiles on both facet. You could possibly additionally set up a cat’s eye gems in some kind or the steel lead.

Nevertheless, there may be an exception in relation to direct south dealing with entrance. If the south dealing with entrance is finding on the 4th pada. That’s, the fourth of the 9 sections of the wall dealing with south, it’s purported to be very auspicious and useful to the inhabitants of the home.

Vastu Treatments for South Going through Home

  1. Place the doorway on the fourth pada of the south wall.
  2. Make the plot slope from south to north.
  3. If house falls quick after using the fourth pada, lengthen it to the third, second, and first padas.
  4. Make the south and the west partitions thicker and better than the north and the east partitions.
  5. Assemble the kitchen within the south-east or the north-west sector.

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South Going through Home Plan as per Vastu

  1. Whereas cooking within the south-east kitchen, face the east, and whereas cooking within the north-west kitchen, face west.
  2. Find the master suite within the south-west nook.
  3. Assemble a staircase within the south of the home.
  4. Situate the lounge and/or the prayer room within the north-east.
  5. A visitor bed room could be situated within the north-west.

Vastu impacts each particular person who lives in that surroundings. Which is a rented home or personal home? It does not matter.

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Conclusion: On this article, you’ll learn concerning the unfavourable impression of the south-facing home as per Vastu and likewise study some treatments to cut back the unfavourable impression of the south-facing home.

Disclaimer: All treatments inform in this article to cut back the unfavorable impression of the south-facing home are frequent and utilized to each place. So to get excellent treatments to your personal home contact Vastu Shastra skilled Astrologer Yogendra. Contact No. : +91 8906220622

अगर घर में वास्तु दोष हुआ तो समस्या कभी ख़त्म नहीं होंगी।

Frequently Asked Questions

✔️ Is south facing house well?

South-facing properties promote the owner’s wealth and make their minds relaxed and strong in financial matters. For a better and prosperous life, south facing properties are considered good.

✔️ Which facing is good for the home?

It depends upon your planetary positions and according to that your lucky house facing that suits, you will be decided. Connect quickly with a Vastu consultant.

✔️ Is Vastu applicable for tenants?

Vastu affects every individual who lives in that environment. Which is a rented house or own house? It doesn’t matter.

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