Ishan Kon Vastu: Why your bedroom should not be there?

Ishan Kon Vastu Tips: According to Vastu, there are mainly 8 directions. Apart from North, East, South, and West, four other directions are known as Agney, Nairitya, Vayavya, and Ishan Kon. All these directions have their own importance, but out of all these, the Ishan Kon has been given a special place. It is considered as a sacred direction in Vastu, but can a bedroom be made in this sacred direction and if the bedroom is located here, what are its effects? So let’s know from our Vastu Specialist, Some Vastu Tips about Ishan Kon:

Ishaan Kon specialty

Ishaan Kon is the direction situated between the north and east direction. Of the three Gunas of nature, Sattva, Rajas, and Tamas, Sattva Gun is the Gun of this direction, so only those activities should be done in the Ishan Kon, which correspond to the qualities of Sattva.

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Bedroom in Ishan Kon

Ishan Kon is considered unsuitable for building a bedroom, especially for married people, the bedroom should not be constructed here at all. The water element and the properties of this direction are not considered to be in accordance with the energies and qualities required for the construction of the bedroom.

Effects of Bedroom in Ishan Kon:

If married couples sleep in the bedroom located in Ishan Kon, it can cause tension in their life. This stress can be both physical and mental. Sleeping in this direction for a long time also adversely affects your health, so exclude this direction from your options for making a bedroom.

What you can do in Ishan Kon?

An underground water tank can be constructed in this direction. However, it is considered better if it is constructed in the north or east direction rather than in the proper Ishan kon. Apart from this, a garden or swimming pool can also be made here. Ishaan Kon is also a suitable direction for making a living room or guest room.

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Some things to keep in mind

  • Since the north direction has been given the status of a holy direction due to the sattvik energies located here, hence keeping dirt or garbage at this place is inauspicious.
  • Toilets or stairs should also not be constructed in the Ishan Kon.

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