Weekly Horoscope: 25 Oct to 31 Nov Astrology Prediction


Creative inspiration comes your way on the 26th as Venus squares off with Neptune. Mars’s shift into Scorpio on the 30th brings you back to life. For the rest of the fall, you’re going to be seeking collaborators and mentors to make some major moves.


Romance is in the air this week, but you’re not feeling it. Venus squares off with Neptune on the 26th and you notice that all your friends have become sentient heart eye emojis. Meanwhile, you’re just fielding their calls about their crushes and feeling sorry for yourself. Just wait until the weekend when Mars enters Scorpio on the 30th. This transit (through December 13th) brings heat to your intimate relationships.


A romantic meeting on the 26th distracts you from meeting an important deadline at work. Thankfully, your client was as confused as you were about those deliverables so take this win and count your blessings. Once Mars enters Scorpio on the 30th, you will be completely grounded all the time. Whether it means getting back into the fitness routine or staying up late at the office, it’s hard to balance work/life for the rest of the season.


Although much of the past month has been about work, money and stress, this week is your return to happiness. Action-driven Mars enters your joy and creativity zone on the 30th, forcing you to prioritize date nights with your lover, guitar practice and more activities with your kids. Not everything “serves a higher purpose”. Some things are just for fun.


Inspiration comes to you in a dream as Venus squares off with hazy Neptune on the 26th. The catch is that this creative project isn’t going to take off without someone else’s resources. Who do you want to collaborate with? Enjoy the focus on artistic endeavours at the top of the week because once Mars moves into Scorpio on the 30th, you’re set up for a few weeks of family drama. Is it time to cut off your sister-in-law with questionable politics once and for all?


Communications heat up for you as Mars enters Scorpio on the 30th. Now’s the time to tackle all those interpersonal things that make you uncomfortable: a hard conversation with your kid’s teacher, an overflowing inbox, and an awkward text from an ancient ex. Did you forget how good it feels to get things off your chest? Now’s also a great time to make some cuts to your schedule. Say goodbye to those “we should get coffee” plans with flaky Fran—it’s not worth the stress.


After months of either ignoring your finances or operating from a scarcity mindset, Mars’s shift into Scorpio on the 30th puts you back in control of your budgets and accounts. Opportunities and gigs are coming your way and though your initial impulse is to take all the money you can get and run, be sure to pause and contemplate before agreeing to a contract that ensures burnout.


Since at least Virgo season, you’ve been a bit out of it, Scorpio. You’ve needed to do some deep internal work and there hasn’t been an opportunity to integrate what you’re learning into reality. Mars’s shift into Scorpio on the 30th has you feeling more like yourself than you have in months. Put on some dark lipstick and speak your piece. Don’t let anyone ignore your revelations.


If you’ve been struggling to build a rapport with coworkers or moms in the cul-de-sac over the last few weeks, something clicks on the 28th when sweet Venus connects with boisterous Jupiter. This aspect brings out the kind of messy post-deadline happy hour or late-night Moscow Mules on the neighbour’s porch that you haven’t experienced since the Before Times. Your boss wants to buy everyone shots and Nancy wants to give you her mother’s secret casserole recipe—so just let it happen. Enjoy!


Mars’s journey through Libra since mid-September has left you feeling like you’ve completely lost yourself in busy work. Will you ever catch up on all those emails? Once the action planet enters Scorpio on the 30th, you find a renewed sense of energy for pursuing your larger goals and dreams. Over the next few weeks, consider who owes you a favor, and don’t hesitate to reach out.


After feeling stagnant in your career—what even is a “job” anyway?—for what feels like decades, Mars’s shift into Scorpio on the 30th helps you make some measurable progress. Whether you’re getting acknowledged in your network or saught out for your underrated organizational skills, this is only the beginning of a recognition period. Stay humble. You’re a star, but there’s still work to be done.


Though it often feels like you’re throwing your ideas out into the void, on the 26th, you’re pleasantly surprised by some positive feedback, whether it’s from your boss, partner, or peers. This is only the beginning of a larger trend as Mars’s shift into Scorpio on the 30th has everyone looking to you as a mentor for the next few weeks. Remember: with great power comes great responsibility. Now’s your chance to lead by example.

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