Lionel Messi Horoscope Analysis

  • Zodiac Sign -Taurus
  • Birth constellation- Mrigashirsha Lagna
  • The rising star is Shravan
  • Date of Birth: Wednesday 24 June 1987
  • Place of Birth: Rosario, Santa Fe City, Argentina
  • Birth Time: 8:30 PM (Regional Standard Time)

Analyzing the horoscope of Lionel Messi it is revealed that the Moon is in the Taurus Zodiac and Sun occupies the Gemini and Mars is also located in Gemini. Delving deeper into Messi’s horoscope it is revealed that Mercury is also in Gemini while Venus is dominating in Taurus and Jupiter is in Aries.

Saturn dominates Scorpio while Rahu is in Pisces while Ketu is in Virgo. The remaining three planets’ position is as follows–

  • Uranus in Scorpio
  • Neptune is in Sagittarius
  • Pluto dominates Libra.

Lionel Messi Horoscope Explanation

Significance of Moon in Taurus

The person born with this birth chart is always carefree, intelligent, and has a personality that is beautiful and handsome with a body structure that has the opposite sex swooning. He is thrifty and saves enough wealth to have a comfortable retirement and is hale and hearty in his old age. He has enough wealth and leads a royal lifestyle and is also very fond of food and drinks. Moon dominates Taurus in such a birth chart.

Significance Of The Sun In The Gemini

Analyzing Lionel Messi’s birth chart it is revealed that the Sun is situated in Gemini and is located in the Adra Nakshatra. One may wonder what nakshatra is but this aspect is available in the Vedic Astrology and is not seen in Western astrology. Vedic Astrology is considered much more accurate and takes into account many finer details. Astrologer Yogendra is one such expert in Vedic astrology and has been doing yeoman service by removing the distress and problem of numerous unhappy souls.

People born with this birth chart are talkative, intelligent, and devoid of any unusual bad traits.

As per the moon birth chart, it is revealed that the Sun is sitting in Gemini and in the second place and eighth aspect. The person with this birth chart is usually calm but becomes ballistic when faced with injustice. Messi has this trait and this often lands him in trouble with authorities and sometimes with his family. The person could face ailments of the oral cavity and his teeth.

Interpretation Of Sun Sitting In Fourth House

The person born with this birth chart often inherits huge profits in the way of inheritance from his maternal as well as paternal side. The person has very comfortable and happy with his married life and gets a life partner who acts in synergy to raise his career to new heights of glory. He is also very wise and patient and deliberates is every action before putting it into motion. However, in later life, he or she can face some problems in relationships with their near and dear ones.

The sun by its virtue of presence in the second aspect often leads to problems with the father but since Sun is also present in the fourth aspect he or she is also very close and devoted to parents. He or she will place the views of parents in the highest esteem and always follows it obediently.

Significance Of Position Of Mars

Continuing our analysis of Lionel Messi’s horoscope we find that his Mars is in Gemini and the Nakshatra is Punarvasu.

Since Mars is in Gemini and a person with this birth chart is a very family-oriented man and also loves to get involved in every aspect of family life. He is also gifted with an intellect that scores over his or her adversaries.

Moon Birth Chart Significance

Mars is situated in the Gemini second house and affects the fifth, eighth, and ninth houses. In some situations, it can lead to some difficult situations particularly when related to household matters. The person can also get afflicted with eye-related ailments.

Persons with such a birth chart are usually soft but can sometimes become very stone-hearted and tough in situations. Also, the presence of Mars in the seventh house as its master also hints at the possibility of more than one relationship. However, the relationships are beneficial for the person. The presence of Mars in the seventh house also hints at the possibility of a wealthy partner.

The presence of Mars in the 12th house of the horoscope of Lionel Messi points to the fact that he or she is a very religious person and does not hesitate to spend money on different religious practices. The person is also very calm and happy with his achievements.

The person is also very particular to limit is spending to what he is earning and does not covet others’ wealth. The person is also traveling and spends most of his time outside his native country.