Using Zodiac Signs Love Language to win the hearts of your loved ones

Getting your significant other to trust and cherish you means doing precisely what matters the most to them. Understanding their zodiac sign's love language is one step to making your dream love life a reality. Learn more below.

Every astrological sign indeed has an accompanying love language. If you’re wondering how you can win the heart of your significant other, crush, or friend: we’ve got you covered. Knowing their star symbol and the five zodiac sign’s love languages can make your dream come true. 

Dating and finding affection are social issues that are less talked about. All humans, at some point, go through this life stage, and it’s only fair to admit that the majority of them find it difficult to find their perfect match. With the hundreds of dating sites meant to make dating easier, you want to know the site’s Dating Rating. This way, you can weigh the pros and cons and pick what suits your dating needs the most. 

Zodiac Signs Love Languages 

According to an American author, Gary Chapman, there are five zodiac sign’s love languages:

  • Acts of Service – Affection expressed by taking action or doing something charismatic. It’s the most dominant Leo’s sign’s love language besides gift-giving. 
  • Physical Touch – Liking communicated through touch. This is a common Scorpio sign’s love language. Sagittarius and Taurus also use physical contact to express affection. 
  • Spending Quality Time – This is a romantic language common with nearly all the zodiac representatives. It’s particularly Cancer’s sign’s love signature.
  • Giving out Gifts – Taurus, Leo, and Sagittarius adore gifts. Of all the five zodiac sign’s love languages, gifting someone is more of an obligation, meaning the one who gives will at some point expect to be gifted. 
  • Sweet and Positive Words – Many people crave genuine compliments, but Aquarius, Aries, and Libra consume this at another level. They’re fond of praising their partners, and you can easily win their hearts with genuine praises and compliments. Most people use this zodiac sign’s love language at some point in their dating life. 

Getting the Breath of Your life: Zodiac Signs Love Puzzle 

To win the heart of your crush or wannabe spouse, you need to understand how zodiac signs love languages work. Maybe you’re wondering, is zodiac love compatibility true? Or does it even work? Well, it depends on your own experiences as there are several factors affecting relationship success besides zodiac signs. Meanwhile, it’s worth noting that the zodiac sign’s love charts carry a great deal of truth.

Some studies have also tried to uncover the mystery with zodiac sign’s glamour stories and speculations. Some astrologers and social scientists have ranked what zodiac sign loves the most (Pisces) and which zodiac signs love drama (Leo and Sagittarius). 

Below are the zodiac star sign’s languages of affection and expressions of warmth and intimacy.

1. Gemini – Acts of service, using sweet and positive words.

2. Cancer – Spending quality time and using lovely and positive comments. 

3. Leo – Acts of kindness, gifting significant others

4. Virgo – Spending quality time and acts of kindness.

5. Libra – Using sweet and positive words, acts of service

6. Scorpio – Acts of kindness and physical touch 

7. Sagittarius – Physical touch and gifting significant others

 8. Capricorn – Spending quality time and acts of service 

9. Aquarius – Acts of service, using sweet and positive words 

10. Pisces – Spending quality time, acts of kindness.

11. Aries – using sweet and positive words, spending quality time 

12. Taurus – Gifting significant others and physical touch 

 Final thoughts 

Zodiac signs love and passion can also be predicted by identifying overall patterns on Astrological birth charts.  While this may not be very accurate, it still reveals some consistent patterns you can use to spot the right zodiac sign’s love language to win many hearts. If you’ve read through to the end, feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.