Yogi Adityanath Horoscope Analysis

Yogi Adityanath Horoscope Analysis – ‘Yogi Adityanath’ the name evokes respect and fear in both his supporters as well as detractors. Be it his extreme right-wing ideology leanings or ultra-nationalist Hindu ideology, he has to his credit many laurels as well as controversies. His latest move to dismantle the mafia has earned accolades as well as extreme reactions from both the ultra-nationalists and the left-leaning liberals. Let us delve deeper into the Birth Chart of this monk-turned-politician and what the future lay before him. 

A deeper analysis of Yogi Adityanath’s Horoscope reveals that the shadow planets Ketu and Rahu had been casting shadows on his political journey. This situation manifested and lasted from October 2020 till November 2021. It was also one of the most difficult periods in the state and nation’s history. When the Covid pandemic hit the nation, there was communal unrest due to the Citizen’s Amendment Act and farm laws. The borders of the state were in unrest but Yogi Adityanath was able to weather the storm due to the strength of Jupiter or Brihaspati planets. However, the situation will continue to be grim and Yogi Adityanath will have to use his wisdom and acumen to tide over his adversaries. 

  • Date of Birth: Monday 5 June 1972
  • Place of Birth: Pauri Garhwal, Uttarakhand, India
  • Birth Time: 2:00 PM
  • Moon Sign: Aquarius
  • Nakshatra: Purva Bhadrapada
  • Sun Sign (Western): Gemini
  • Sun Sign (Indian): Taurus

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Yogi Adityanath Horoscope Analysis: In-Detail

Yogi Adityanath Horoscope Analysis

He is from a deeply religious family and is of the Garwali Rajput Clan. His father’s name was Anand Singh Bisht and he worked in the State Government Forest Department as a Forest Ranger. His mother’s name was Savitri Devi. It was an extended family and he was the fifth child among seven siblings. He completed his primary education in his native village and completed his graduation in Mathematics and Science from the HN Bahaguna College. He wanted to do his Masters in Higher Mathematics but fate ordained something else. He became closely involved with the Ram Mandir movement and in a short period earned his name as a fire-brand Hindu leader. 

Yogi Adityanath was born on 5th June 1972 at 02.00 PM in the Pauri district of Uttarakhand then a part of erstwhile Uttar Pradesh. Delving into the Birth Chart of the current U.P. chief minister it is revealed that the Moon is in the Aquarius zodiac. His seventh house which is affecting marriage is locked in the Khemdrumbh Yoga and the position of Shani or Saturn hints that he will remain unmarried and lead a life of celibacy and recluse. His remaining bachelor is further strengthened by the shadow planet Ketu sitting in the twelfth house and is heavily influenced by Saturn. Saptmesh Shani’s setting in the Planet Sun also prevents his marriage. He was drawn into the reclusive life at a very young age due to the presence of annular Jupiter, Venus, and Mars in his fifth house. Thus faith ordained that he at a very tender age of 21 years took to the path of sanyas and joined to serve the Gorakhnath shrine. 

It was only when he reached 26 years that things started looking up for the Yogi.  With the Shani or Saturn entered the realm of Jupiter and he won the Gorakhpur seat. Yogi Adityanath has never looked back and his political career has only bloomed. The turning point in his life came in 2014 when he lost his mentor and Guru and was made the head of the Gorakhnath math. In 2017 luck once again smiled upon him and he led the ruling BJP to a thumping win in the state elections. He was made the Chief Minister and again his stars are believed to favor him in his latest victory.

The victory was destined due to the positive effects exerted by the combined influence of Jupiter and Saturn. However, the negative influence of Shani or Saturn entering the Cancer zodiac in 2020 will see him grappling with many adversities and problems. His horoscope reveals that the Sade-Saati or the bad influence of Saturn has started and the present influence of the shadow planet –Ketu will aggravate his situation. 

In Yogi Adityanath horoscope, the ascendant is Leo and it is the embodiment of karma or deeds. The unique combination of Sun, Saturn, and Mercury will ensure that Yogi Adityanath will not be cowed down by difficulties and will surely prevail upon his detractors. Similarly, his extreme energy to bring relief to the population of his state is slowly enamoring and attracting his fiercest critics to his side. His greatest achievements have been instilling a fear of the law in the minds of the mafia and criminals. His government has also been criticized for extrajudicial killings and circumventing the courts of law. His birth chart is such that even though he remains calm and not into the show of strength, power, and fame will always follow him.