Why Gocharas Is Important?


The study of Gocharass is significant for daily predictions, autumn predictions, and seasonal predictions in general. If you face health, cash, professional, or love life problems, you can ask an astrologer to see a horoscope of Gocharas. Gocharas affects personal life.

Effects Of Transiting Or Gocharas Planets On Persons

Transiting or Gocharas planets mean in which zodiac signs the planets are currently traveling in the sky. Transiting or Gocharas planets are studied from the moon sign of the person. The transiting or Gocharas planets have a profound impact on the present life of a person. If the transiting or Gocharas Sun is in these houses from the birth sign, its result is as follows.

In the first house – There is a possibility of diseases like anemia if it is in this house. Apart from this, anger, intestinal disease, and constipation are precipitated. Eye disease, heart disease, mental disturbance, tiredness, and hepatic diseases are also possible. Apart from this, wasteful travel, fruitless labor, obstruction in work, delay, not getting food in time, loss of money, respect, and aloofness from family members are also seen.

In the second house – Sun moving into this house causes poverty, sadness, unhappiness, failure, deception, eye disorder, loss of friendship, headache, and loss of business.

In the third house – The fruits of the Sun are good in this house. When the Sun is here, all kinds of benefits are available. A person gets more profit on his investments. He also receives unconditional support from his relatives, sons, friends, and high officials. The land also becomes very profitable. A person is endowed with health and happiness; he triumphs over his enemies and gets respect in society.

The fourth house – Due to the presence of the Sun in this house, problems related to land, mother, travel, and wife arise. Disease, mental disturbance, and suffering or defamation can also be encountered.

Fifth house – Sun causes problems in this house also. Differences with offspring, the ire of higher officials, and diseases and enemies start emerging.

In the 6th house – Sun is optimistic in this house. When Sun enters this house, diseases, enemies, troubles, and sorrows are eradicated.

In the seventh house – Sun travels in this house, causing intestinal illnesses, poverty, and problems in married life; women and sons are struck by illness. Abdominal and headache issues arise. There is a decrease in wealth and respect.

In the eighth house-Sun can precipitate piles in the eighth house, trouble with the wife, fear of disease, fever, ire of higher-ups, and indigestion.

In the ninth house-one must face poverty, disease, loss of money, objection, obstacle, false accusation, and opposition from friends and relatives. In the tenth house – Success, victory, accomplishment, promotion, respect, pride, wealth, health, and good friends are attained in this house.

The eleventh house – Victory, place gain, felicitation, worship, splendor, disease destruction, promotion, splendor, ancestral benefit in this house. Auspicious works are completed at home.

In the twelfth house – Sun is auspicious in this house. It becomes virtuous and gives success for good works, but the stomach, eye diseases, and friends also become enemies.

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