Happy Vishu 2020: Images, Greetings, Wishes, Quotes, and Rituals of Festival Vishu

Vishu 2020

Vishu is a pageant celebrated in Kerala, India, which signifies the New 12 months Day of Malayalam Calendar Kollavarsham or Kollam Period. It’s celebrated on the primary day of the month Medam which often falls on the 14th or 15th of April.

  • Vishu Kani on Tuesday, April 14, 2020
  • Sankranti Second on Vishu Kani – 08:39 PM, Apr 13

Images, Greetings, Wishes, Quotes, and Rituals of Festival Vishu

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The pageant has deep cultural significances and the Malayali Hindus all over the world have a good time with ardor and devotion. It’s being noticed additionally in Mangalore and Udupi districts of Karnataka state, within the second week of April and known as Bisu.

Vishu signifies the Solar’s transit into first zodiac ‘Meda Raasi’ (Mesha or Aries) and is the astrological New 12 months day for individuals of Kerala. It additionally coincides with spring equinox through which the solar crosses the equator, heading northward. An equinox is famous for the equal variety of hours of daylight and darkness which describes the origin of the phrase ‘Vishu’ which in Sanskrit means ‘equal’. When solar crosses the equator it’s the first day of Malayalam month Medam and is usually confused with Photo voltaic New 12 months. The explanation for this confusion could possibly be the truth that the Photo voltaic New 12 months coincided with Zodiac New 12 months about 1,654 years again when the celebration of Vishu is meant to be originated. In precise, the pageant Vishu doesn’t indicate something about Photo voltaic New 12 months. The Zodiac New 12 months stays fixed without end whereas the Photo voltaic New 12 months adjustments at a fee of 1 diploma in each 74 years.

For individuals of Kerala, Vishu is a brand new starting and is historically celebrated with vibrant rituals and intense merriment. The farmers in Kerala start their agricultural actions right now of the 12 months. Although Chingam is the official Malayalam New 12 months, it has no astrological or astronomical significance. Vishu can also be thought-about as a pageant of hope and prosperity and is widely known with a lot fanfare and vigour in all components of Kerala.

Customs and Rituals

The celebration of Vishu entails numerous customs and rituals having social, cultural and non secular significances. The traditions adopted on Vishu are pleasing to coronary heart in addition to senses. Individuals might purchase new garments for celebrating the event and go to temples within the early hours of the day. The key occasions of the day are Vishukkani, Vishukkaineetam and Sadya (conventional Kerala feast). The large inflow of devotees is noticed in main temples in Kerala viz. Guruvayoor Sree Krishna temple and Sabarimala Ayyappa temple for viewing the Vishukkani. Other than these, individuals have a good time the day by adorning properties with lights and bursting firecrackers (Vishupadakkam).

VishuKani-Kit - Festival Blog 2019Vishukkani

A very powerful occasion in Vishu is arranging and seeing Vishukkani. The Malayalam phrase ‘Kani’ means ‘that which is seen first’, and ‘Vishukkani’ means ‘that which is seen first on the day of Vishu after waking up’. The association of Vishukkani is finished on the night time earlier than Vishu within the household puja room. It’s an array of auspicious articles signifying prosperity viz. a bunch of Konna flowers, a picture or idol of Lord Vishnu/Krishna, nilavilaku (lamp), rice, fruits, greens, betel leaves, areca nut, coconut, mirror, gold, kasavu mundu, holy textual content and cash. The customized is that at Vishu pulari (the daybreak of Vishu day) all family members ought to get up early and go to the puja room with the eyes closed in order that the very first thing they see is the fantastic sight Vishukkani. This ritual known as Kanikaanal. In keeping with perception, one ought to see Vishukkani as the primary sight of the New 12 months to make it a affluent and peaceable 12 months.


Kanikonna is the Malayalam identify of the tree Cassia fistula which produces vivid yellow blossoms. Its flowers referred to as Konnapoovu is the fundamental merchandise required for Vishukkani and the tree might be in full bloom within the month of April when the solar is in its most exalted place. Individuals might even set Vishukkani with a bunch of Konna flowers and a picture of God once they discover it exhausting to get different gadgets.

Kani Orukkal (Arranging Vishukkani)

Vishukkani – the panorama of auspicious gadgets is organized within the earlier night with nice care. Normally, the girl of the home takes the duty of setting this. The gathering of auspicious gadgets is often organized in an uruli (a round vessel often product of panchaloha – 5 metals).  The golden yellow flowers of Kanikkonna symbolize affluence. Greens and fruits are set which means the wealthy vegetation and farming. Cucumber, tender mango, jackfruit and banana are the standard gadgets within the show, although individuals additionally use pineapple, grapes, cashew fruits and different greens. Betel leaves and areca nut, rice, coconut, mirror, gold, kasavu mundu, cash and holy textual content (Ramayana or Bhagavatgita) are the opposite gadgets generally used, and all are positioned earlier than an idol or picture of Lord Krishna or Vishnu. Nilavilaku – the steel lamp with wicks product of starched fabric items soaked in oil, can also be positioned alongside.

Akshatam – the combination of rice and turmeric taken in an uruli or brass plate is a part of Vishukkani association. The rice taken might include equal halves of husked and un-husked grains. Valkkannadi – a particular mirror with a golden body and the lengthy deal with can also be positioned. Those that don’t have Valkkannadi, use an abnormal mirror as an alternative. Brass kindi – a spouted puja vessel used for pouring sacred water can also be used. Historically, the urulis used are product of Panchaloham – an combination of 5 metals. Panchaloham is a symbolic of the universe product of Panchabhutas or 5 nice components viz. earth, water, hearth, air and house.


The lighting of deepam or nilavilakku in Vishupulari (daybreak of Vishu) is finished on the auspicious hour of Brahma Muhurtha (4am to 6am). The deepam can also be a logo of non secular data. The golden yellow Kanikonna flowers, ripened fruit and veggies, akshatam, panchaloha and glossy brass of kindi give Vishukkani a golden hue within the glare of nilavilaku and its mirror reflection. The cash symbolize financial in addition to cultural and non secular affluence, and Kanikkonna flowers related to Lord Krishna represents the solar or eyes of Vishnu. Normally, the girl of the home lights the lamp takes within the auspicious sight of Vishukkani and wakes up different members who would come to the puja room with their eyes closed to see the auspicious Vishukkani as the primary sight of the 12 months. Vishukkani is not only reserved for many who come to the puja room however is taken round for the aged and sick unable to come back to the shrine. It’s also introduced outdoors to the cowshed and by doing so it’s saved on show for the entire nature.

Studying verses from Ramayana or Bhagavat Gita on Vishu pulari is taken into account auspices. It’s believed that the web page of Ramayana which is opened up can have some significance within the coming 12 months. Vishnu who’s the preserver of creation can also be associated to Kaala Purusha or God of time in Jyotishastra, which makes the start of zodiac 12 months a proper time to adore the Lord.


One other vital customized of Vishu is Vishukkaineetam. It’s historically adopted because the gifting of cash by the elders to the youthful technology or by the landlords to tenants. Normally, the top of the household provides vishukkaineetam to the youthful technology, servants and different staff, and needs them prosperity. Some prosperous households not solely give cash to their youngsters and staff, but in addition to their neighbours and natives. Vishukkaineetam needs to be given freely and it needs to be accepted with reverence.

Vishu Sadya

1200px Sadhya DSW 1

The Vishu feast or Sadya consists of equal proportions of salty, candy, bitter and bitter gadgets. Although Sadya or conventional feast is part of all Kerala festivals, there are some necessary gadgets for the Vishu Sadya. Vishu Kanji, Vishu Katta, Veppampoorasam (a bitter preparation of neem), Mampazhappulissery (a bitter mango soup) and Thoran (a standard aspect dish product of chopped greens and grated coconut) are the vital preparations for the event of Vishu.

Vishu Kanji is a preparation product of rice, coconut milk and spices and Vishu Katta is a delicacy ready from freshly harvested rice powder, coconut milk and jaggery.


The Indian tradition stresses the significance of correct starting of occasions and actions. It’s believed {that a} good begin is crucial as the start lays the inspiration to the remaining. We additionally think about the place of stars and planets to make sure an ideal starting. The class and splendour of Vishukkani level to a 12 months of affluence not simply materially but in addition spiritually. Its grace, simply as creating a visible deal with, must also replicate in our minds. Taking within the aura of Vishukkani we must always pray that the profusion ought to stay with us in our ideas and actions all year long. Meals, mild, cash and data ought to fill everybody’s life.

vishu festival

In Kerala, Vishu is widely known when Solar enters Aries and transit by means of Ashwini commencing the Zodiac New 12 months.  By opening eyes within the daybreak of New 12 months, one is overwhelmed with the fantastic sight of Vishukkani. The mirror which is symbolic of Bhagavati (Devi) will increase the lustre of Vishukkani with the reflection it presents and exhibits our personal face reminding the truth that God is inside our-self. It additionally factors to the significance of constructing our thoughts pure. The glory and affluence that will befall in our life is the results of our personal ideas and actions.

Simply as Vishu in Kerala, there are different festivals sharing the identical spirit on different components of India. Celebrated across the identical time of 12 months, these festivals mark the brand new starting within the regionally adopted calendars. Ugadi in Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka, Gudi Padwa in Maharashtra, Bihu in Assam, Baisakhi in Punjab and Pohela Boishakh in Bengal are totally different celebrations with nearly the identical significances.