Sun Transit in Cancer 2021: Sun will change zodiac on July 16, these 4 zodiac signs need to be very careful

Sun Transit in Cancer 2021: Sun is called the king of planets. The Sun stays in one zodiac for a month, after which it changes the zodiac. In this way, Sun stays in different houses of 12 zodiac signs and influences everyone from time to time. When the Sun changes its zodiac, it is called Surya Sankranti. On the coming July 16, the Sun is going to transit once again.

On Friday, 16 July 2021, the Sun will transit in Cancer at 04:41 in the evening and will remain in Cancer until 01:05 in the morning on Tuesday, August 17, 2021. After this, Sun will transit in its own zodiac sign, Leo. Know how this transit of the Sun in Cancer will affect your Zodiac Sign!

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This transit will prove to be auspicious for the students of the Sagittarius. There will be chances of success, but it is very important to keep your anger under control. Health-related problems can come to the fore, especially there is a possibility of skin disease. So be a little careful. Many challenges may also have to be faced in all places.


The transit of the Sun can cause problems in the married life of Capricorn. Differences with spouses will increase. If there is no marriage, then it is difficult to be a thing at this time. Mental stress will increase, there may be loss in business. It is important to handle yourself with patience.


This transit of the Sun will bring mixed effects for the people of Aquarius. If any matter is stuck in the court, then it is expected to go in your favour. However, after this, the enemy will try to dominate you. Apart from this, problems may have to be faced in married life. Take care of your health and also of your spouse.

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This transit of the Sun is going to bring a lot of trouble for the people of Pisces. In this case, a lot of patience will be required. There can be sourness in married life and if there is a love relationship then it can also break. Be careful in the transaction of money or else you may have to suffer loss. Students preparing for any examination can get success.

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