Stock Market Astrology Predictions 2022: How Stars Will Affect Your Investments?

It’s that time of year again! Time to start thinking about your investments for the coming year. Will the stock market go up or down? What sectors will be profitable? These are all important questions to ask when planning your investment strategy. In this blog post, we will discuss how the stars will affect the stock market in 2022. We’ll look at which signs will be most successful and what you should watch out for. So, whether you’re a seasoned investor or just starting out, read on to learn more about stock market astrology predictions for 2022!

Stock Market 2022 Astrology Prediction


The year 2022 will be a lucky one for the agricultural and agro-based industries. As per Stock Market 2022 Astrology Predictions, on January 1st of this calendar season there resides conjunction between Saturn in Capricorn with Mercury – which rules over all business transactions including trade deals etcetera! This time period seems very promising as it promotes growth across various sectors related to farming or agriculture such as UPL Ltd, PI Industries, Godrej Agrovet, Bharat Rasayan Ltd.

As the Sun transit to Capricorn on January 14th, there could be an upsurge in shares of food products like, Nestle Ind, LT Foods Ltd, Mondelez India Foods Pvt. Ltd. Commodity classes such as edible oil or sugar will also see demand increase during this time too!

Some interesting trends may occur in the stock market on January 1st when Mars cooperate with Ketu and the Moon. This conjunction could bring a rise for automobile industries such as Tata Motors or Hero Motocorp. Mars will also make a transit across Sagittarius on 16th this month which would likely cause slight falls among construction sectors like Larsen & Toubro Ltd, Macrotech Developers Pvt Ltd, Dilip Buildcon Ltd). There is an uptrend expected from the cement industry as well like, Ambuja, ACC Ultratech.

The gold market is expected with minor fluctuations while Nifty may go slightly southwards at month-end.


The beginning of the month will bring a downward trend in prices for gold. The Sun’s transit from Aquarius on February 13th and Saturn being placed throughout its own sign all year long are expected to lead an upsurge with IT companies such as TCS, HCL, Wipro, Infosys, Tech Mahindra. Semiconductor electronic device making firms such as CDIL or Tata Elxsi will also report a boom, but not of a grenade!

There are many opportunities for investors to capitalize on this economic boom. The shares of the rare earth metals (Raw Edge Indust, 20 Microns) and copper (Hindcopper- Mahavir Ind/ Shaliwir), two important components used in various industries such as electronics or renewable energies will be hot properties during this time period because they represent sectors that have seen rapid growth due largely at least partly from increased demand within the Asia Pacific region where most global technological innovation occurs nowadays!

The stars are in alignment! There will be a rise in the share prices of Iron such as TATA Steel, JFE Steel, POSCO and machinery. The indices close upwards on every date we see this month with Mars being associated closely by Venus-the planet luxuriantly priced gold jewellery among other things that can benefit from their conjunction at month’s end. Along with this, The prices of property are expected to soar even higher in the coming months.


Stock market trends are expected to shift in March 2022, with Government reforms and budgets playing a key role. The effects on share prices will depend upon the industry they’re related to; some companies may see increases while others decrease as a result of this eventful month which brings new challenges for investors everywhere!

The transit of Mercury across Aquarius is expected to bring changes in industry trends and share prices for companies such as LTTS, GKW Ltd., IRCTC.

The stock market will see an increase in the prices of oil and mining companies this coming week, but service-based new ventures could soon take off. The latter is expected to have favour with investors as well!

The stock market is definitely going to rise this month. In the first week of March, we will see an upsurge in prices for oil and mining companies like NMDC or Coal India with Moil Company being one among them! There’s also a possibility that some new service sector businesses might enter into LISTED company stocks which could give more momentum towards bullion markets.

The market will favour the Bulls in the second week of the month.

As the Sun moves into Pisces, there will be some alterations in government policies and stock market movements. The PSU (Bharat Petroleum Ltd., Indian Oil Corporation Ltd) stocks are expected to see an upsurge with this transit; however it is too early yet for any predictions on what impacts they might have or where these changes could lead us going forward! With the end of Jupiter’s combustion, there will be a stable gold market with minor or no fluctuations by 27th March.


Mars will transit in Aquarius on 7th April, bringing an upsurge of the infrastructure sector. The prices for GMR Infra (a construction company), Adani Ports and Sez are expected to rise due to changes that could occur with government policies during this time period; these fluctuations may help boost investments into new projects or other aspects related.

The coming conjunction of Mercury and the Sun in Aries on 14th April will be a great time for Bulls. Investing during this period can bring about lucrative returns if you invest in banking, finance or insurance activities.

The price of textile shares will continue to decrease as demand decreases. This is evidenced by the decline in recent years and it’s expected that this trend will continue in 2022, with Welspun being one company hardest hit so far due to lower than expected production levels at their mills abroad.

The transit of Jupiter in Pisces on 13th April will create bullish sentiments for the media and art sector. This is a favourable time to make profits as Saturn moves into Aquarius on 29th April, bringing with it an increase in transport (ABC India LTD., Central Provinces Railway Co Ltd), railway shipping sectors are seen potentially leading markets higher towards their close at zinc production facilities.


The Stock Market 2022 Astrology Predictions for May, sees a rise in the utility sector, with stocks of Gujarat Gas and Tata Power NHPC set to soar. Some new companies may enter into circulation as well – leading us towards an interesting month for investors!

The agricultural industry will also see demand increase significantly during this time period which could lead prices on shares tied closely enough with it go up too; however, there are other factors at play here, so those looking specifically within that category should take caution before investing any money. But all hope isn’t lost because mid-caps are having amazing performances lately making them worth considering no matter what happens overall.

The planet of commerce and trading will turn retrograde on 10th May, bringing a rise in the stocks for banking companies such as HDFC Federal or DCB. The IT sector could also see an increase with firms like Microsoft seeing their price go up due to this event while some insurers might experience decreased premiums because people are less likely than usual get injured during these days which leads them not being able to work out quite so much!

Mars, Venus and Jupiter are all in conjunction during the Pisces sign on 17th May. This is a powerfully influenced period for Real Estates sector companies as well those involved with construction or pharmacy since that’s what they focus their attention towards most at this time of year anyway! Precious metal gold will also shine brightly leading up.


As Venus will be in conjunction with Rahu this month, prices of gold and silver are expected to decline. However, there is a chance people might want more food due an upsurge in demand for Agrotech Foods as well edible oils like jaggery or sugar at AVT Natural Products which could lead them into investing their money wisely again after two years worthed losses.

Mercury is about to turn direct on 3rd June, which will cause demand for oil refineries and crude companies in this period. The banking sector may also increase alongside the IT industry as well because of their mutual interest with pharmaceuticals being an important player too!

The transit of the Sun in Gemini on June 15th will have an impact that could be favourable or unfavourable for the utility sector. There is potential to see prices rise at companies such as Reliance Power, KPI Global and Karma Energy; however, they may also fluctuate slightly due to a slight decrease if Venus transits Taurus again like last time when it did so between May 24 – June 8th 2020 (round date).

When the Sun transit Gemini on June 15th, it will impact companies in the Utility sector. The prices of Reliance Power and KPI Global may see a potential rise while those at Karma Energy are likely to remain stable or dip slightly due to their transiting planet Venus moving into Taurus that same day as well which should stabilise gold values across all metals including silver. There could be slight fluctuations but no major rose nor decrease is expected during these times so keep your eyes peeled!

Mars will transit through Aries on June 27, which is going to bring about a fall in demand for real estate and other services like insurance or healthcare during the last week of this month.


The second week of the month will bring some favours for Bears due to the conjunction in Gemini. Banking sector stocks, Logistics Insurance and Finance companies are all likely to move northwards at this time!

The transit of the Sun in Cancer on 15th July and Mercury conjunction with it on 17th July brings about some changes that will affect consumer staples stocks like Hindustan Unilever, and Colgate-Palmolive ITC. There is also a decrease on demand for turmeric as well as increased interest from investors towards banking sector companies such auto manufacturers or IT firms might take place soon too!

The great planet Jupiter will turn retrograde at the end of this month and become a powerful trader in your investments. From its new position as one step closer to earth, you can expect an increased demand for bonds and debentures which should boost up their prices!


Astrology for Stock Market 2022 predicts that Bulls will gain the upper hand in early August. The stocks of Crude Oil (Reliance, Jindal and HP), as well as Saturn, located retrograde within Capricorn is expected to create volatility for these industries.

Venus will be transiting in Gemini on August 7, which means that volatility can break out into stocks of Iron and Steel industries with Coal/Leather Industries following closely behind. This upsurge is most likely caused by an increase demand for Banks VIJ Finance. Repco Home. or Keynote Financials – so don’t miss this opportunity!

Mars will transit in Taurus on August 10, and then again two weeks later as it moves into Leo. This is an excellent time for traders to get aggressive with their investments because the stock market seems weak at this moment but that could change quickly!

With the transit of Sun into Leo on August 17, there will be a decrease in demand for Textiles (Trident, Page & Winners). Cotton industries are also seeing their prices plunge as well due to this event. Precious stones and metals including gold may see an increase throughout these times because they’re deemed luxuries that people can’t live without!

The transiting of Mercury in Virgo on August 21st will bring back the dominance and power that Bulls have always had. This time around, they are likely to be interested not just buying stocks from these four sectors but also investing heavily into them as well!

The transit means we can expect some major changes for investors across all fields including finance (especially banking), insurance AND technology companies alike- so get ready because things might move fast here soon enough!!!


The beginning of the month will bring an increase in prices for Silver, MCX Cotton Textiles and IT sector. An upsurge is seen throughout agricultural goods as well white-goods segment with a dip at automobiles & infrastructure BHEL Thermex Power Mech.

The Mercury retrogrades in Virgo on September 10th, which means that demand for shares of the Banking sector will increase. This also brings an upsurge among other things such as BPOs and PBUs (Blue Dart Services). finance companies like GIC Housing Finance or LIC Financial institution can benefit too!

The sun will transit in Virgo on September 17 and be at its closest approach with Mercury. This has a significant effect on demand for FMCG stocks such as Nestle, Emami, GSK, and P&G which all show signs of decline according to our analysis while pharmaceuticals, infrastructure, electronics, capital goods companies should see an upsurge during this time period.

The transit of Venus in Virgo on September 24 will bring about a plethora of opportunities for those with an interest or involvement within the Cotton, Precious metals and textile sectors. Nifty may be northwards as three planet conjunction brings increased demand to these industries during this time period!


The Astrology for the Stock Market is predicting that in 2022, oil stocks will be moving northward. The demand for edible and consumer goods like Britannia Consumer Products Ltd., Jubilant Food corporate India Private Limited (a company involved with food production), Nestle Butter Industries Public Llp should increase due to inflation which means their prices may go up as well! In addition, there are a chance investors could buy more gold jewellery or precious stones so look out if this happens because it’ll mean good times are coming again.

Mars is set to enter the Gemini sign on October 16th, and this period will see a decline in shares of real estate. The sector (Infosys Technologies HCL Wipro) seen as one that’s up-and-coming for investors at present may be more profitable than ever before!

In the month of October, luxury automobiles sector companies and speciality chemical stocks (Asian paints) will see an upsurge in demand. Silver or copper on Sensex can also shine this time around! Demand for gold might increase further if you’re looking to invest your money well into something tangible with growth potential; however, textiles like cotton & woollen fibres could become more expensive as it becomes scarce due not only from stock market forces but climate change too – so make sure those prices don’t go down before investing large sums because then all hope may be lost.


The Bulls will be in full control of Bank and It sector stocks, with gold prices up even more than before. There’s a chance that there could even come inflation soon!

The transit of Venus in Scorpio on November 11 will bring a slight decrease in the prices for Luxuries automobiles, Media sector and Breweries. Furthermore, with Mars being Direct (Taurus) now instead of Quincunx or sextile aspects as before; there may be some bearish trends within food & agriculture too–just like how we saw an upturn following this past conjunction between Earth Planet defecting away from its usual spot near Sun/Mars! investors can take advantage by picking their spots wisely.

The Mercurial transit will bring some much-needed changes to the healthcare and energy sectors, but it’s no time for stability. The sign of Scorpio is a potent one during this period as well–it’ll bring an upsurge in metals like zinc that are needed throughout our economy while also triggering stables prices with fertilizers or cement companies such as Ambuja Cement Ltd., Ultra Technicity Industries Limited(UCIL).

Jupiter’s orbit will bring it into close proximity with our world on November 24th, bringing some interesting developments for stocks in the Health Care sector (Dr Reddy Foods Ltd., Cadila Healthcare), Software companies like Apple and Microsoft as well Textiles & FMCG industries blamed by many economic woes but still seeing a positive outlook due to their robustness against the global crisis.


Stock Market 2022 suggests that bulls will be eager to buy shares in the metal, beer (UBL), oil and coal mining sector companies due to an astrological occurrence called Saturn.

The rare transit of Mercury in Sagittarius will be followed by Venus moving across the same sign on December 5th – an unprecedented event that has never happened before! While these are happening, you can expect some major changes to take place within our infrastructure sector.

The transit of Sun in Sagittarius on December 16 will bring an upsurge of golden sunshine, copper coins and zinc. There is a decline for the turmeric industry as well since it’s linked to cotton along with sugar prices too! Fertilizer companies such Aries Agro Madras Chemicals etc., see their stocks decrease due these changes that take place throughout India’s farming sector .

The buying on dips strategy will be beneficial for investors in the second half of December. There is likely to be profit booking at month end, which could give an opportunity of up 10% or more!

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