Loyal Spouse Astrology: Secret of Trustworthy, Loyal, Beautiful Wife and Husband

Type Of Spouse/ Partner/Husband Or Wife In Astrology As Per Planets: A loyal Spouse is the desire of every individual on this planet. Marriage is such a phase of life, in which one must take care not only of one’s own but also of the other person’s feelings equally.

Every person is looking for a good life partner. Just as women want a suitable groom, similarly men also want an intelligent, graceful, and cultured Loyal Spouse. Who believe in living life with love and dedication while respecting their feelings. Let us know what are the special planetary combinations in a person’s birth chart, are factors in getting an all-rounded, intelligent life partner.

Saptamesh Is The Marriage Factor for a Loyal Spouse

From the astrological point of view, the seventh house and the seventh lord have been considered as the causative house and causative planet of marriage. Apart from this, the second, fifth, eighth, and twelfth houses and the planets Venus, Mars, and Jupiter are considered related to marriage.

Beautiful Loyal Spouse

  • If the lord of the second, seventh and twelfth house is in the center or triangle house and is influenced by Jupiter, then the wife of such a person is beautiful and polite.
  • If the wife’s factor planet Venus is in its own house and Jupiter is in an exalted sign, then in such a situation, both these planets also play an important role in getting a Loyal Spouse.
  • Normally, Mars-Shani conjunction in the seventh house is not considered auspicious from the point of view of marriage and a Loyal Spouse, but if the same planetary yoga is in the seventh house, if it is Capricorn, then the wife of such a person is good-natured, beautiful, and fortunate.
  • If Jupiter is situated in the seventh house, then the person is fully devoted and full of love for his wife. Such people remain restrained in family life and run the household following the tradition of the family.
  • If there are benefic planets in the seventh house or Venus is the lord of the seventh house and is influenced by a benefic planet, then the person gets a well-endowed Loyal Spouse.
  • If there are benefic planets in 2, 7, and 12 houses from the seventh house, then such a person gets a Loyal Spouse, happiness, and healthy children. If the 7th lord and Jupiter are in the same sign, the 5th lord and 7th lord are not set and weak, if there are benefic planets in the fifth house from the Moon ascendant, then the person gets a beautiful and virtuous life partner.

From the seventh house of any girl’s horoscope, her future life partner can be considered. Girls often have this curiosity that how will they get married, how will their husbands be and how will coordinate with him. Here is some basic information about the seventh house (spouse house) of the horoscope:

  • If the lord of the seventh house is afflicted by Rahu, then her husband will be addicted and a drunkard.
  • If the seventh house is in the lagna, then such a girl marries with her discretion.
  • If the lord of the seventh house sits in a lowly position, then there will be no scope for profit from her husband.
  • If the lord of the seventh house is exalted to the tenth house, then the future life partner of such a girl can be a businessman or a politician, but he will not be very handsome.
  • If there is Sun, Mercury, and Venus in the seventh house, then the husband of such a girl will not be very endowed and virtuous.
  • If the seventh lord is in the eighth house, then the marriage will be late and the husband will be a hard worker of normal complexion.
  • If the lord of the seventh house is in the sixth house, then the marriage of such a girl will be delayed and there may be many obstacles.
  • If there is an alliance of the seventh lord, fifth lord, and ascendant lord, then that girl will go for a love marriage.
  • If the seventh house Shani Chandra Yuti is there, then marriage will happen at a very old age or marriage may not happen.
  • If the seventh house Ketu is with Mars, then there will be more possibility of breaking the relationship.
  • If Saturn aspects the seventh house and Mars is there, then his groom will not be good. There will be tension after marriage.

According to the above, if there is a planet in the horoscope, then the results will be the same. The rising of the planets will be very fruitful. On the other hand, if the combination of inauspicious planets is retrograde, then there will be bad outcomes. In this way, we can know what the groom will be like.

Girls Of These 3 Zodiac Signs Prove To Be The Best Loyal Spouse!

Some people start dreaming of golden dreams of marriage right from their childhood. Almost everyone has the craze for marriage, even if some are less and some are more. Marriage is a bond of life and no one gets married thinking that his life will be spoiled after marriage that is why everyone looks at many things before choosing a life partner. At the beginning of the marriage, everything is very good, but gradually when things start coming to their natural level, sometimes the situation becomes opposite to the expectation.

The biggest reason for conflict in marriage is a personality conflict. So, if you want to avoid this conflict, then along with many other things, you should also know what is the zodiac sign of your partner. This will at least give you an idea of what her personality is like and what kind of wife she is going to be in the future.

Come let us know which 3 zodiac girls prove to be the best Loyal Spouse

Cancer Women

Women of this zodiac handle the house very well. She leaves no stone unturned to make her family happy. These are mother material. First, she spends her affection on her husband and then on the children. Her priority is always her husband and family.

However, due to being of a very emotional type, at times, she may seem like a drama queen, but it is only her love that she does to you. If you marry a Cancer woman, you may not get a chance to repent.

For those who believe more in traditional values, there cannot be a better option than Cancer women. someone like them Need someone who gives them protection and cares for them. It is not because they are very weak, but because they like the care of their partner. They give their 100 percent to nurture their relationship.

Aries Women

Aries women are very strong personalities. They can be considered alpha women. According to astrology, women of the Aries sign force men to kneel. They never back down from achieving their goals. If you think you are strong enough to understand Aries woman and spend your whole life with her then go ahead but remember one thing that you have to be passionate at her level.

Whatever Aries women will do, they will expect your cooperation in it. She will make you an equal partner in your every success and this will raise your prestige in society. Aries women can make their husbands very strong and responsible; they are very down to earth and their expectations are very realistic. In the world of fantasy, they do not like to fly very much.

But… if you have made up your mind to marry an Aries woman, then know one thing it is very difficult to impress them. But if you succeed in doing this, then it contributes fully to making you better and more successful than before. Ongoing…

Aries women emerge as very disciplined, a bit harsh, and strong mothers. She always wants to keep her children ahead. They need tremendous confidence and strength in their partner as well, which is deeply instilled in them.

Leo Women

You will hardly find someone who loves more than Leo women. One of their specialties is that they fight like a lioness everywhere not only for their partner but also for their children. She is ready to do anything for the people close to her.

Women of the Leo zodiac like to live a very systematic and disciplined life and they bring the same things into their partner’s life. Leo women are very attractive and powerful. If she finds her perfect partner in someone, even if he is from a traditional family, she takes a stand for him. Even if no trouble comes their way.

Leo women are like a warrior. It is difficult to make a place in their heart, but if you succeed in winning their heart, then you get a good life partner for life. They are very honest with their partner and never let you down. But they never fall in love with ordinary people. She puts her family first. They are at the forefront of giving unconditional and true love.

In astrology, the seventh house and the seventh lord are considered to be the causative house and the causative planet for marriage. Apart from this, the second, fifth, eighth, and twelfth houses, Venus, Mars, and Jupiter are considered related to marriage.

How To Get For Beautiful Loyal Spouse Via Astrology

 The desire to get a beautiful and worthy Loyal Spouse is in everyone’s mind. For this, some people worship gods and goddesses, while some want to get a beautiful wife by doing astrological measures. But there are some such lucky people whom God gives Loyal Spouses in the form of Mother Lakshmi. According to astrology, people are born in Jyestha Nakshatra. They are lucky people.

The place of this Nakshatra is 23rd out of 27 Nakshatras. The people who are born in this constellation. They are slim in appearance. They have deep faith in religion-karma and God. Their heart is emotional. As far as possible, they try that no one gets hurt by their behavior. The person born in this constellation is influenced by Saturn and Mars. It has two phases in Capricorn and two phases in Aquarius. While its owner is Mars.

Ways To Get A Loyal Spouse through Astrology

  • Worshiping Lord Shiva gives a beautiful and virtuous wife. Along with this, Abhishek should be done on Shivling with milk. Apart from this, keeping fast for 16 Mondays gives a beautiful partner.
  • According to astrology, offer the Kaner flowers to Sun God every day. By this method, a beautiful Loyal Spouse is obtained.
  • Mantra is mentioned in Durga Saptashati for the beautiful and cultured wife. Reciting this mantra leads to marriage with a beautiful and Loyal Spouse.

If you want to have a desired marriage, then keep the Prem Vivah Yantra at the place of worship after inviting it. Every day after getting up early in the morning, having a bath, being clean, and Reciting the following mantra unceasingly for 40 days the hindrance in love marriage will go away.

Mantra-Sarvabadhaprashaman: Trailokyasyalileshwariya: Evamev Tvaya: Karyamasmdwairivinashanm.

  1. If you recite this mantra regularly for a month with a resolution, then marriage happens with a beautiful woman. The mantra is as follows- Om Shri Lakshmi Narayana Namah.
  2. In astrology, Jupiter is the factor of marriage. By worshiping her, the obstacle in marriage is removed and a cultured wife is found. That is why worship Jupiter by keeping a fast on Thursday.
  3. Offer besan laddoos and chain pulses as prasad.
  4. Girls get suitable husbands by worshiping Mother Sita and Gauri. If men also worship her, they get a good life partner.

Boys who want a beautiful wife should respect women. At the same time, one should earn virtue by serving the cow. By doing this Lord Krishna is pleased. Married life remains happy. The husband-wife relationship has been accepted as a life partner because it is such a relationship that is completely devoted to each other with body, mind, and wealth.

Dedication is the basis of this relationship. Where there is no dedication, there cannot be a true-life partner. To live a human life, it is necessary to have a true-life partner.

A woman and a man are life partners for their entire life as husband and wife. The existence of one is incomplete without the other. Just as a coin has two sides and both sides together make a coin complete, in the same way, both husband and wife make each other complete.

The relationship of husband and wife is like a lamp and a wick who need each other to prove their worth. There is no importance of a wick without a lamp and similarly, their existence is incomplete without each other, in the same way, both husband and wife together make each other complete.

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