Reasons Why You Are Still Single, According To Your Zodiac Signs and Astrology

We may reasonably suppose that the majority of you have thought to yourself, “Why am I still single?” at a certain point. It might be a way to get to know oneself a little better if you’re having trouble finding “love” and despite your best efforts have not yet met your perfect partner. You can go a long way toward developing a comprehensive grasp of your requirements, aspirations, and also your weaknesses by learning about the peculiarities of your temperament and getting profound insight into your “true self.”

Why are you still single


Those blessed under this sign crave adventure and desire active partners (almost at all times). They appreciate receiving love and relish the opportunity to take on spontaneous, unexpected projects like an adventurous vacation. Finding “the one” can be challenging for Aries due to their seeming recklessness and distrust of routine, secure relationships.


Taurus, in contrast, extreme, likes to go slowly and steadily and adhere to a certain schedule. They would sooner let their spouse go than studies examining the relationship if matters move too quickly or if their spouse wants to complain about a lack of focus, energy, and commitment.


Sports tourer and inquisitive, Geminis demand their mate to maintain pace with their erratic moods and free-spirited way of life. A Gemini can rapidly say goodbye to their lover and go on to a different one if they fail to do so.


Cancerians are frequently quite emotional and might be challenging to deal with. While they frequently are successful at masking their feelings, they nevertheless anticipate that their spouse will go above and above to comfort and sympathize with them. Their companion must make some effort to watch out for tiny clues in their motions, which could also, at moments, be overpowering, directed by the planetary Moon.


Leos take the necessary actions and enjoy being the focus of attraction due to the Sun’s comfortable position. If their spouses don’t go above and beyond in showing them genuine affection and care, Leos won’t be afraid to find someone else to call their soul mate.


Virgos tend to be quite picky when it comes to their significant other and demand that they take the relationship to the next level in return. Because of the Moon’s location, they can be amorous, but if their companion doesn’t share their enthusiasm, they frequently let go of someone.


Because of the Sun, Mars, and Moons’ planetary configuration, Librans generally have highly well-balanced outlooks on life. They pay close attention to their relationships and fulfill all of their wants and needs. They might not, however, be treated equally.


Scorpions are frequently bothered by Ketu and Rahu, which makes them unpredictable. Their demands on their spouse are always shifting, making it challenging for their partner to understand what they need from the relationship. Scorpions are displeased and find it simple to say goodbye.


As long as you keep a Sagittarian satisfied and happy, being in a partnership with them is pleasant and fairytale-like. Jupiter and Moon positions can have an impact on how people think and feel, which in turn affects how they interact with one another. Despite having strong emotions, they reject being in a partnership that has lost its spark.


Jupiter and Saturn both favor Capricorn, making them highly motivated people. They work tirelessly to pursue their lofty goals since they have such high dreams. They might not be able to spend as much time with their substantial other because of their pokémon attitude in life.


Tension is something that Aquarians hate, particularly the pressure that their spouse puts on them. They won’t hold onto you for very long if you attempt to press anything on them.


A Pisces never initiates conversation or initiates any movement at all. Because their partner ends up approaching them for just about everything, the relationship may become unbalanced and eventually result in divorce.