Rahu in 7th House | Rahu Planet in Seventh House of Horoscope

Rahu in 7th House of Horoscope: The seventh house is usually for marriage, marital peace, Relationship, Happiness in Marriage, and Separation from Spouse.

The 7th house of the horoscope is often for marriage, marital peace, relationship with the spouse, happiness in marriage, and separation, or divorce from the spouse. The seventh house can also be for business partnerships. In keeping with Vedic beliefs, if the Rahu is positioned within the 7th House, it’s usually thought-about to be hostile and inauspicious. There’s additionally a risk that it’ll deliver destructive impacts on the facets of the house.

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Obstacles, hardships in life and an incapacity to discover a appropriate life companion are additionally attributable to this placement of Rahu, even when different planets are lowering the destructive impact of Rahu. The destructive affect turns into all of the extra sturdy when different inauspicious planets are positioned together with Rahu on this house.

The Placement of Rahu in 7th House

Those that have Rahu positioned within the 7th house could be dominating upon many round them however they might possess very few sturdy bonds. There might be many individuals who will fake to be with them however most of them will not be reliable. All those that have Rahu within the 7th House is not going to be utterly loyal in relationships. They’d face quite a lot of difficulties in creating relationships and will even have some enemies round however they might nonetheless emerge safely.

These individuals may even have some difficulties in getting married and would even have some hurdles within the path, due to this fact it will not be advisable for them to get married earlier than 21yrs of age. These individuals having Rahu within the 7th house would incur losses if they might become involved within the work associated to electrical tools. Rahu within the 7th house also can adversely have an effect on the well being. If the Mercury, Venus or Ketu get positioned on the 11th house then the native would endure from complications and his/her sister, spouse or son would even be badly affected. Individuals who have Rahu within the 7th house needs to be very cautious with whom he/she does enterprise. The native is not going to reach buying and selling and enterprise and possibilities of dropping cash because of the actions of your companion are sturdy.

Treatments of Rahu in 7th House

Chant Mantras

To scale back the impact of RAHU within the 7th House, one ought to Chant mantras, and the Rahu mantra “Om Bhram Bhreem Bhrom Sah Rahave Namah” needs to be chanted 18000 instances in forty days for its final results. After that, one ought to Jaap 1 mala of Rahu mantra day by day.

Hold a Yantra

One other efficient treatment is to maintain a fortunate Yantra and take a look at different easy cures to cut back the malefic impact of planets. These cures ease any sort of issues, enhance total circumstances and improve good luck. Yantras for the totally different planets entice the optimistic vibrations of every planet. The Rahu Yantra is a examined and a well-liked treatment for Rahu.

Fortunate Talismans

One must also Worship Lord Ganesha to take away any obstacles. One ought to Hold an energized fortunate Gajraj to weaken the destructive affect of Rahu and to draw good luck. The fortunate Gajraj is a sterling silver figurine of Lord Ganesha that needs to be stored in the house.

Make Donation of Rahu Items

One must also donate articles which can be related to Rahu. sesame seeds, brown or blue clothes and blankets on Saturdays.

Other Remedies

One also can worship Lord Shiva and provide belpatra at Shiva temples. Burn camphor at house to Cleanse the house of destructive energies. This additionally helps entice luck. Don’t put on darkish colored garments on Saturdays. One ought to feed barley to fish and meals gadgets manufactured from wheat to black canine on Saturdays. Have your each day meals within the Iron Utensils.