What is Pitra Dosh?

Pitra Dosh means the curse that is given by the ancestors. It is written in the ‘Brahma Puran’ that in the evening of the Krishna Paksha (Waning Moon) of the Ashwin Month, the lord of death Yamraj allowed all the souls that they can eat the food made by their children on the occasion of ‘Shradh’. If the children do not do the Shradh then their ancestors get upset and angry and return to their world by cursing the children. This curse is known as the ‘Pitra Dosh’ which brings many hurdles and struggles in one’s life.

Formation of Pitra Dosh

When Sun and Moon are afflicted by Rahu Ketu or Saturn then this Dosh is formed because Sun is father, Moon is mother, Saturn is debt and Rahu Ketu is the curse.

For example-

  • When Sun is sitting with Rahu/ Ketu in the 2nd or 9th house.
  • When Sun is sitting with Saturn.
  • When Moon is sitting/ affected by Rahu/ Ketu or Saturn.
  • When Sun is sitting debilitated with Rahu/ Ketu.
  • When Sun and Moon both are sitting with Rahu/ Ketu.
  • When Rahu is sitting in the 2nd house without any beneficial planet’s conjunction/ aspect.

Effects of Pitra Dosh in Life

Astrology suggests two types of deaths. First is Natural and second is immature/ sudden death. Natural death takes place as per destiny and God’s wish, but immature/ sudden death takes place due to the Pitra Dosh.

  • Problems in having children.
  • Regular miscarriage.
  • Physical/ Mental disabilities in children.
  • Diseases since birth in children.
  • Regular quarrels in the family.
  • Disturbances in the married life.
  • Always under Debts.
  • No financial/ career growth.
  • Dreaming about snakes and ancestors (Pitra or Poorvaj) demanding food/ clothes.
  • No wealth in inheritance.
  • Living far away from the family.
  • Suicide/ murder.
  • Always feeling to loneliness.

Remedies and Upay of Pitra Dosh

  • Do the Shradh in the Krishna Paksha (Waning Moon) of Ashwin Month on the Hindu Tithi on which your ancestors died.
  • Do the Pitra Dosh Niwaran Pooja which comprises Tripindi Shradh and Pitra Visarjan.
  • Offer water to the Banyan tree on every Amavasya (No Moon).
  • Offer food/clothes to Brahmins on every Amavasya (No Moon).
  • Always give respect to your ancestors and elders.
  • Always pay your regards to the ancestors before any occasion within the family.
  • Never speak anything ill about your ancestors (Pitra or Poorvaj).

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Role of Astrologer Advice

The advice of an expert is very important in the matter of Pitra Dosh because sometimes it is difficult to figure out the formation of Pitra Dosh in the Kundali and its effects on your life. An expert will not only do the perfect calculations for you, but he will also suggest you the best possible remedies for you to overcome the struggles of life.

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