Moon Effect On Our Lifestyle And Habits?

Man, for ages, has been fascinated by the only natural satellite Earth has, which is the Moon. Moon has often been used in the past in ancient calendars. They advised farmers when to sow a particular crop or when it was an auspicious time to get married or start a business.

Moon Effect On Our Lifestyle And Behavior

Research has shown that Moon has a profound effect on how humans behave. The results of the phases of the Moon on our lifestyle and behavior are profound. It can manifest as an alteration in sleep patterns, emotional turmoil, and even menstrual cycles.

It is logical to assume that if the Moon can cause tides in the oceans with its gravitational pull, it will affect humans whose bodies are 80% water.

Moon phases affect and often aggravate psychotic behavior. Also, there is a surge in accidents and natural disasters in certain Moon phases. The Moon’s effects on persons with epilepsy are also very evident and researched. This does not mean that the Moon straightaway affects people facing attacks, yet an association is possible.

Moon Effect in Astrology and Culture

Astrology places great importance on the position of the Moon at the time of the person’s birth. Astrologers use the position of celestial objects to predict different human traits like character, relationship, weaknesses and strengths, and niche fields in which a person will excel. Moons and other celestial objects signify energy which will vary according to the zodiac sign.

The Moon has been linked to femineity and motherhood, and astrologists contend that it is the second most crucial component in any horoscope. It decides a person’s sentiments, instincts, and how he interrelates with others.

There is still no convincing evidence that Moon affects human behavior. However, its effects on natural objects, like gravity and light, are evident. It profoundly influences the human psyche, lifestyle, and health.