Medical Astrology Can Predict Our Health Issues. How Will be Our Health in the Future? Here is the Relation Between Our Health Problems and Planets.

The word health refers to a state of complete emotional and physical well-being. Healthcare exists to help people maintain this optimal state of health. Even in the list of 7 states of happiness in Indian culture. Health comes in the first position in the famous quote “Pahla Sukh Nirogi Kaya”. Basically the health is wealth, to achieve everything in this world such as wealth love, etc. You must be fit and healthy in the first place. The health of a state where every organ of the body starting from the head to toe is working efficiently in a proper manner.

Planets Responsible for Good Health in Medical Astrology

Moon is considered for the mental health of a person. While Sun is considered for the physical health of a person in Astrology. Good or bad health depends on the strength or weakness of these planets.

In astrology 1st, 2nd, 6th, 7th, 8th, and 11th houses are considered for health-related issues. While the 12th house shows the hospitalization. 1st house means the ascendant indicates our whole body and its appearance in short. It denotes the mental as well as physical well being of a person. So if the ascendant is strong and the ascendant lord is well placed then the person is very less likely to catch any diseases.

Planets Responsible for Bad Health in Medical Astrology

Saturn and Mars generally are responsible for the bad health of a person. Saturn denotes the diseases in a person while Mars indicates wounds, accidents, or loss of blood in any way possible. 2nd and 7th houses are considered as Marak Bhava in a Kundali. Whenever the dasha or antardasha of 2nd and 7th houses comes. A person is more likely to struggle with health issues. 6th and 11th houses are the houses of illness and diseases. Which generally indicates what kind of disease you might have in your life. These houses show the weak organs of our body and problems that may occur related to those organs.

Major Health Problems and Relation to Our Birth Chart in Medical Astrology

  1. Mental Stress
  2. Heart Disease
  3. Insomnia (Sleeping Disorder)
  4. Skin Problem
  5. Nerves
  6. Fears/Anxiousness
  7. Teeth

#1 Mental Stress

In Medical Astrology mental disorders/ mental stress depends upon the strength of Moon, Sun, and Mercury (Mercury Transit 2020) because these three planets represent Mind, Soul, and Brain. The difference between Mind and Brain is that the Mind thinks and feels while the brain learns and sets the logic.

If Moon and Mercury are weak in your Kundali. Then you may suffer from mental disorders, excess tension/ stress, depression, and negativity in the dasha or antardasha of these planets. Are Moon and Mercury are placed in 6th, 8th, or 12th or are in the aspect of malefic planets. Then a person might have very strange behavior, and because of that people dislike such people.

A weak Sun makes a person fight with an inferiority complex, lack of confidence, aimless life, lack of ambitions, life without respect, etc. This also makes a person suffering from mental disorders.

#2 Heart Disease

The planets which are responsible for heart diseases are the Sun, Moon, Mars, and Jupiter. The houses which are responsible for heart diseases are Ascendant (indicates overall bodily functions, 4th house (indicates heart), 6th house (indicates diseases), and 8th house (indicates death or diseases nearly impossible to cure). So the combinations of Sun, Moon, Mars, and Jupiter (Jupiter Transit 2020) and the position of Ascendant, 4th, 6th, and 8th houses will decide the heart diseases in a person.

#3 Insomnia (Sleeping Disorder)

12th house indicates everything about a person’s sleep in Medical astrology. Our sleeping habits depend on the strength of the 12th house. Basically the placement of naturally malefic planets such as Saturn, Mars, Sun, and Rahu causes disturbed sleep. If on both sides of 12th house ( i.e. 1st and 11th house ) malefic/ unfavorable planets are present, then a person will definitely suffer from insomnia or bad dreams. Also if the 12th house lord is combust or is in association with malefic planets then also a person may suffer from insomnia.

#4 Skin Problems

Skin problems usually occur in a person because of impurities in blood and acne occurs because of constipation issues. Moon denotes blood while Venus shows the beauty of the skin. The clearer the skin is the better a person looks. Mars indicates boils, rashes, allergies, measles. So a week moon may make your skin to look dull and dry, a week Venus make turn your skin uneven and a weak Mars may give you acne, allergies, and measles on your body.

#5 Nerves

In Medical Astrology the Mercury is the natural planet for the nervous system. Its position in your body is a significant indicator of the health and resilience of your nervous system and how you cope with stress. The nervous system carries the information regarding the condition of the body to the brain and then the brain decided the reactions. The disease such as paralysis and coma occurs due to the failure of the nervous system and Mercury is the primary planet responsible for this.

#6 Fears/ Anxiousness

Weak/ Afflicted or debilitated Moon is the major reason for the state of fear and anxiousness in mind. The placement of the weak moon decides the kind of fear you may have. Such as Moon in 4th house may give you domestic fears, in 7th  Marriage related fears, in 8th accident/ death/ inheritance related fears, in 10th career-related fears, and in 12th hospitalization, losses and sleep-related fears. The strength of Moon decides your will power and bravery.

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#7 Teeth

The 2nd house in our horoscope is responsible for the beauty of teeth, while the 7th house indicates dental diseases. Saturn is the natural Significator of teeth. So problems in 2nd, 7th, or on the planet Saturn indicates the teeth related diseases or alignment of teeth.

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