Spiritual Meaning of Spiders in Dream: Here’s What Vedic Astrology Has To Say

We dream about many incidents and often get disturbed about it significance. We often forget about dreams which are quite natural since we remember only the dreams which have happened just prior to waking up. Sleep is a complicated process and dreams are an integral part of it. Dreams have still not been fully deciphered by science. However one thing is clear, all dreams have a bearing on our life and are closely linked to what is happening in our life.

Sleep is not a constant process and occurs in phases and slowly the person falls deeper into slumber and it is only for 30 minutes that the person dreams in a process known as REM sleep, characterized by Rapid Eye Movement, a sign that the person is dreaming. REM sleep or a Dream happening sleep is essential and if the person does not dream it means a deep underlying psychological problem.

Often people see spiders in dream and often are pensive about what is in store for him or them. Spider is often derided as something very obnoxious and it is not farfetched since we often remember spiders as the terrible tarantula or other poisonous cousins. There is a name given to the phobia which the human race has towards the eight-legged species and is dubbed Arachnophobia. Spiders belong to the genus Arachnoids and hence the phobia.

Such phobia is not uncommon; men and women often react strongly to such dreams. However as per swapna shastra such dreams about spiders often point out that men and women must keep a close watch on their intentions and thoughts and a need is there to keep in check such heavy emotions.

Seeing spiders in a dream also point out the fact that something severe and groundbreaking is going to happen in the near future. It is also interpreted that he or she is afraid to move forward and there is an urgent need to be careful and contemplate all actions. It is necessary to understand the spiders and the thoughts associated with it.

Interpretation Of Spiders in Dream

Spiritual Meaning of Spiders in Dream

Dreams about spiders do not always signify an ill omen but have different interpretations. The dreams and their interpretation depend on the type of spider, time, and the situations in which it is seen. Swana Shastra also interprets seeing spiders in dreams as someone plotting against the person who witnesses such a dream.

As already established, dreams are a manifestation of the thought which are raging in the mind of the person, and by interpreting such dreams he or she can take remedial measures to minimize the ill effects and magnify the positive effects.

Spiritual Meaning of Spiders in Dream

If you believe that dreaming about spiders in a dream will have a detrimental effect on your fortunes, it is advisable that you be on guard for any such eventuality. While most persons feel that seeing spiders in dreams is bad it must be understood that this is not true in all cases and such dreams can also herald a change for the better. In a number of cultures around the world, spiders are seen as a symbol of luck and good fortune. Remember Spiderman and his antics? Spiders are even considered carriers of creativity, wisdom, and knowledge.

Dreams About White Spiders

Dreaming about a white spider is considered highly auspicious and it can be interpreted as a mending of ties, the receipt of good news, or success in a new venture. Such a dream also means that someone in your family is about to conceive and there will soon be a new addition in your family.

Dreams About Big Spiders

Dreaming about big spiders is a sign of danger and h or she must be very cautious in dealing with the happenings around you. Such dreams are a sign of anxiety and things will become unsettled. Such dreams are also a warning about unfavorable circumstances faced by the person in the near future. The positive aspect is that it will pull the person out of his or her carelessness and provoke the person to become more cautious.

Seeing a Spider Web in Dreams

The seeing of a cobweb of spiders in dream is often interpreted as a sign that the person is going to qualify and get involved in spiritualism and philosophy. The whole universe, the cosmos with it endless constellations are all linked just like a cobweb of a spider and such dreams mean that he or she is now fully ready to fathom the world and it creations.

The cobweb when seen closely looks like a net and is synonymous with the happenings around us and how they are fully linked to one another.