Marriage Date Prediction Through Vedic Astrology | Know Your Marriage Time

Here is the guide how you can know your marriage date through vedic astrology. Visit here now to know your marriage time through astrology.

Here is the guide how you can know your marriage date through vedic astrology.

Only vimshottary dasha related to the seventh house is not the tool to predict the timing of the marriage. Many important things have to be read in the horoscope carefully.

1. Before analyzing the dasha system, we must read the transits of Saturn and Jupiter carefully. The 2.5 years transit of Saturn and 1-year transit of Jupiter must affect or aspect the ascendant or ascendant lord or seventh and seventh lord.

2. After getting insured about the favourable transit, one should see whether the native is in the vinshottary dasha antardasha related to ascendant its lord or seventh or its lord.

3. If both the above parameters are followed in the horoscope we should now read the horoscope from the jaimini angle. If the marriage is promised through vinshottary dasha system then jaimini system must authenticate this if jaimini doesn’t endorse then there are not complete chances.

4. In jaimini if the darakaraka, the planet signifying the spouse must have relations with seventh or ascendant houses. After that darakaraka navamsa should also be seen.

5. The navamsa D9 horoscopes must be read carefully and one should never try to make predictions without reading the navamsa horoscope.

6. Another Dashas must be applied to getting correct results. We should apply other conditional Dashas for example, the Dwisaptaptisamadasha system (DSS), Shashtihayani dasha system (SHS), Chatursheetisama Dasha system (CSS), shodashottary Dasha system(SSS), or dwadashottary Dasha system.

7. Above dashas are applied only in few horoscopes such as DSS is applied for those natives who have the ascendant lord in the seventh house or seventh lord in the ascendant.SHS is applied to those natives who have Sun in their ascendant.CSS is applied to those horoscopes who have the tenth lord in the tenth house. Apart from vinshottary or jaimini at least two conditional dashas should be applied to the horoscopes. We should try to know which conditional dashas are applied. Second houses, fourth and tenth houses also should be seen here in the navamsa while using any conditional dasha.

8. After that, the transits of mars Venus sun and the moon must be read. There are chances of placement of many planets over seventh house ascendant or lords of these houses. If not then these planets should be near the concerned houses.

9. The Jupiter in transit should activate natal Venus in the male chart whereas mars in the female chart.

10. Ascendant lord and seventh lord of the native must have made mutual connections.

Consult to Astrologer for your marriage timing prediction