Difference Between Love Marriage Vs Arranged Marriage

Marriage is a lifelong commitment and you cannot leave it to chance. Hence choosing the right life partner is the key to success and happiness. Love marriage and arranged marriage are two routes to getting married.

In love marriage, you get to marry a person with whom you fall in love with. In an arranged marriage, you search through several sources to select the perfect match who will meet your expectations and preferences.

The debate comparing love marriage and arranged marriage is an age-old one. Here are some arguments for and against both these approaches to marriage.

Prior understanding

Love marriage: The partners know each other so well and hence will have a comprehensive understanding of the other person.

Arranged marriage: In most arranged marriages, the partners know little about the other person. Hence they might find it difficult to get along with each other after the marriage at least for some time.

The likelihood of love

Love marriage: It is for sure that the partners will continue to love each other after marriage since they unite in marriage only because of their love for each other.

Arranged marriage: In some cases of arranged marriages, the partners might not find the other person compatible with them. Hence it is likely that they might not love each other at all condemning that the choice of their life partner had ruined their life.

The responsibility of making choices

Love marriage: The partners are fully responsible to make their life decisions and the stand to take during conflicts. Hence they are not in a position to blame others for any losses or gains.

Arranged marriage: The families of the marrying couple come together into a new relationship. The elders in the family take an active part in making some decisions at least till the time they are comfortably settled with each other.

The role of elders

Love marriage: In some love marriages the couple come away from their families in order to find their independent life as a couple. Hence they are fully deprived of the chance to get the much needed guidance and advice from their elders.

Arranged marriages: In most love marriages, the families of the bride and groom get to know each other and guide the couple with their experience and suggestions.

Social sanction

Love marriage: In many orthodox circles, love marriage is not approved even today. A lot of people see marriage as the status symbol and a way to ascertain the family’s respect. Hence in most cases, the marriage partners might have to go against the wishes and interests of the family.

Arranged marriage: Happen after being approved by the family members. Relationships are further strengthened and there is no need to overtake the wishes and interests of the elders. Hence family bonds are not broken due to marriage.

Final verdict

Whether it is love marriage or arranged marriage, mutual understanding, cooperation and goodwill are essential to foster the goals of marriage. Marriage demands the active participation of both the partners in striving for harmony and success in family life. If this is ensured, any of these two kinds of marriages can succeed.

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